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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dolls at the Library

I’m a real library lover, and attend the local library Te Takere on a regular basis.  If I haven’t got a library book or two to devour and enjoy, I’m at a bit of a loose end.  A library is much more than books, magazines, and videos, of course, ours has a local history room, meeting rooms, a travel agent, and a cafe.  Plus an ever changing exhibition of crafts, paintings and pottery by local artists. 

Dolls are currently on show in the glass display cases, and there was something to appeal to all tastes.  Yvonne Pridmore makes the loveable calico dolls for the children's wards at Palmerston North and Wellington Hospitals and sends them off in time for Christmas.  How wonderfully generous to make these for sick children away from home over the Christmas season.


P4030011 Yvonne’s dolls bring comfort and joy to sick children

The other dolls on display were made by Barbara Price, and were quite different.  (These proved to be a little more difficult to photograph with the lighting reflected on the glass cases.)

A selection of dolls on display

I am not a doll maker, but I loved looking at these and  admiring all the details.  Such a lot of work goes into making these lovely pieces.

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