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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sew Wot Tuesday again

The Sew Wot group met again this morning, this time Helen was the hostess at her home in the country.  Last time we got together she was busy cutting out felt pieces to make new cushions.  These are now completed and look really great, with the brightly coloured felt pieces contrasting well against the linen background fabric.

P4150013 Helen’s new cushions

Mary had been working with felt too.  She showed us her felt covered needle containers which she had been making.  The pattern was from Home Spun magazine and uses the small little chocolate containers which come with some of the new fancy coffee packets.


P4150015Mary’s needle containers

We all got our hand work out.  Pam was working on her crocheted rug, and Helen was knitting.  Rae had started a new embroidery project, and Heather was working on a kiddies patchwork block.  I took my recently completed selvedge projects along for Show and Tell, and did a little work on my stitchery cushion – I’ll get there in the end.  After a tasty morning tea, and plenty of chatter, we packed up our things and headed back home.  It is always so nice to attend the Sew Wot stitching mornings with the ladies.

P4150017 I really loved Helen’s pretty little fan tail table runner

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