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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Where’s my lemon zester?

I’ve been looking for my lemon zester for ages.  Looked in the cutlery drawer, and in the one underneath, where all the other kitchen bits and pieces are kept.  I even checked the caravan utensil drawer, just in case I had taken it away on a trip sometime.  But no – it was nowhere to be found.  But then, when I was looking in the cutlery drawer for something else, I spotted it.  So what I want to know is – who had it, and when was it returned? 

I finally got to use my lemon zester yesterday, on a lemon or two.  It’s such a handy little item, I don’t know how I have lived without one for so many years.  I’d seen them used on a TV cooking programme, and my daughter Nicky said they were really great.  If I didn’t know what to get her for Christmas,  could she have one of these, please.  No problem, I bought two, one for her, and one for me. 

DSCF5611 My long lost lemon zester

Caravan club friend Barbara had given me a big bag of feijoas.  They don’t last very long before they start going soft and squishy, so I cooked up a batch of feijoa jam.  The recipe calls for the rind and juice of a couple of lemons, so I was really pleased to finally meet up with my lemon zester again.  Not sure what I did to the jam this time, but it didn’t set properly.  Into the pan it went again for a second boil, and the results were much better this time.  Thanks for the fruit Barbara, one of these jars is for you.

DSCF5615 Feijoa jam

While cleaning up after my jam making operation, and putting things away in the kitchen cupboards, Muffy couldn’t help herself and jumped in to have a look.  Oh look, there goes her tail.

DSCF5618 Is that a tail I see in the cupboard?

No, nothing much of interest to a discerning cat, so she carefully turned around and wended her way out again.

DSCF5619I’m coming out now

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times she has explored the same cupboard, any opening always gets her interest.  We are pleased that she is feeling brighter, as she had a trip to the vet after having a funny turn a week or so ago.  She seems much better but needs a return trip to the vet shortly for another blood test to compare the two results. Fingers crossed – and I’ll keep you posted.

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