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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

“Bless my Knees” birthday cushion

My friend Merilyn is an old friend from way back – we met at primary school as youngsters a life time ago.  Even though she moved to Dunedin, in the lower South Island, many years ago, we still keep in touch.  When we meet up, or talk on the telephone, it is just like we have only been in touch the day before.  We are lucky to find true friends like this who care for each other through thick and thin.

DSCF5496Birthday cushion

Merilyn was turning 68 and loves gardening.  (Not me – it doesn’t appeal at all).  I had been busy doing the stitchery off and on to make her cushion for ages, and luckily completed the project in time for her birthday.  The pattern is “Bless my Knees”, designed by Mulberry Street, USA.  I used No 5 Perle cotton for the stitchery, and added highlights with fabric pens. The body of the cushion is a pale green cotton fabric.  It fits in well with the decor, I was told, and has pride of place on one of the couches.
DSCF3407 Sunflowers in the garden

Last time we were chatting on the phone, believe it or not, we both said the same thing.  It doesn’t matter how many birthdays roll around,  we both feel 16 on the inside!  The outside, however, is quite a different matter – who is that grey haired lady in the mirror, I often think.  Oh dear, I think it’s me!  But never mind, we keep busy, have interests that get us out and about, our health is good, so life is not too bad at all.  Who cares about that funny old lady in the mirror!


Maria said...

What a beautiful gift for your friend..
Hmm I would rather sew than garden...

Nancy J said...

Lovely stitchery, and the words, perfect. I can truly say, on the outside, definitely my age, and on the inner, in the mornings, very much so ,a pity age creeps up on us and stays. Cheers, Jean.

Katie said...

Yes indeed. I'm still waiting to grow up! :-)

I love your stitchery. Such a thoughtful gift.

loulee said...

What a beautiful gift. I'm sure it will be very much loved.
I'm with you on looking in the mirror, I often see my Mum and even my Grand Mother looking back at me. The way I see it, they were two very beautiful and wise women who taught me some wonderful things, there could be no one better in the mirror. :-)

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies for your comments.

I think that feeling young on the inside is rather like loving the music you grew up with - the 60s in my case.