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Friday, June 21, 2013

I don’t like it, so it’s got to go

I’ve got a big job in front of me, I’m sorry to say.  Unpicking a whole lot of machine quilting.  THe quilt is about half quilted by now.  I don’t like the way it looks, and I’m sure that if I keep going, I’ll hate it even more.  So I’ve started unpicking all my hard work.

The problem is, I’ve been using a variegated thread in Christmas colours of red, green and cream in the alternate pieced blocks.  The colours show up every swirl and loop which isn’t as nice and smooth as it should be, jumps out and hits me in the eye.  I’ve done a trial block using cream thread and the quilting blends in without being so intrusive.  So that’s what I’m going to do – unpick all the coloured thread and re-quilt using cream thread.  I’ll be much happier with the final result, I’m sure.  Wish me luck on my epic job!



Lis Harwood said...

Good luck! How's DH with a quick unpicker? When I had to unpick a section of quilting on the edding quilt Al started at one end and I started at the other and we met in the middle, it may the whole task a lot less stressful and depressing. Like you say though, if you're not happy, it's got to go!

Jenny said...

Hi Lis, I didn't think of that!
But I think Robin would rather be watching the All Blacks on TV tonight than helping me unpick!

Katie said...

It's no good if you hate it. I've done it too. Quietly gnashing my teeth the whole time I'm unpicking! :-)