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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Keep me away from Glue Guns

I just can’t be trusted with those hot glue guns, and that is why I got rid of my little cheapie one some years ago.  But a glue gun was required the other day at Krazy Cow stitchers group to finish my block roll project.  Our tutor Luchelle kindly brought her one in from home for me to use.  But….. you can imagine what happened.  I had to cover the heavy cardboard roll with fabric.  The first few dabs of hot glue were put on, and I had to smooth the fabric down over the roll and hold it in place.  My gluing had been too generous and drops were everywhere, and it stuck to my fingers.  Oh, those little dabs of glue were smoking hot, and I ended up with a big blister on my finger!  Luchelle took over the job, and it was all done correctly in no time at all.  No burnt fingers for her.

DSCF5686 Block Roll

My block roll started life as a “quilting” tea towel, sent to me by my UK pen-friend a while ago. I backed it with calico, added a light wadding, and stipple quilted the layers together.  Then I added the red binding and ties – and as mentioned earlier, I sadly failed the hot glue gun part of the job.  The tea towel certainly tells a story.

DSCF5694 Quilters Quips
Quilting and patchwork are fun to do
Use up your scraps or buy stuff that’s new
In goes the needle, then pull through the thread
Loads of bright colours, blue, gold and red
Techniques and traditions, from home and abroad
Enjoy your designs, and you’ll never be bored
Rustic or modern, you must have a go
Select your own templates, and start to sew

Quick as a flash, you’ll piece and you’ll patch
Unique masterpieces, you’ll very soon hatch
Ideas and designs of star, chain or plate
Pinwheels and triangles, they’ll grow at a rate
Start sewing today, you’ll find it’s just great
By Marjorie Carrier - 1996

I’ll be using my nice new block roll to keep my stitchery blocks tidy and flat, and I can carry them safely to stitching days.

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Lis Harwood said...

Ha ha, I like the story of the glue gun (except that you got hurt). Some things are not for us!!