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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Scatterday - B

Oops, think I missed the previous scatterday, but I’m here to do homage to the letter “B”.  The categories are:  library, smell, equipment, blog.

Library:  book bag.  I love libraries, and when we moved house a few months ago, one of the first things I did was to sign up with the local library.  They run a monthly book club, so I joined that too.  The monthly categories take us out of our comfort zones, to read a book that we probably would never consider.  (I love serial killers, thrillers, authors like Lee Child, anything about the Tudors, historical novels, and whatever else takes my fancy).  My book bag gets taken along on my regular visits to the library.   It started off as a plain black library bag, with a logo front and back, purchased for $2, and I’m rather pleased with the make-over.

DSCF7519  My personalised library book bag

Smell:  boronia.  Boronia comes in many varieties and colours, but the unassuming  brown boronia is my favourite, with it’s delightful scent.   Boronias are Australian natives (I didn’t realise that before)  and have a profusion of flowers in the spring.  I love this little bush, so I’ll need to purchase one to plant in our new garden.

Brown boronia

Equipment:  Bernina.  My Bernina Aurora 440 Quilter’s Edition is a very special piece of equipment indeed.  Quilters like us use our sewing machines very regularly, and we grow very attached to them.  After sewing for many years in a corner of the dining room, my Bernina now has it’s own little room in our new house.  Aren’t I lucky!

DSCF4832 My Bernina machine at home

Blog:  That’s why we are here, of course, writing our blogs. Our household has two – my quilt blog, and our caravan/travel blog, so that keeps me busy.  I can always find something to write about.  And it goes without saying that I love to read other blogs too.  For any new readers, the links are: 

Quilt blog: www.romanyquilting.blogspot.com     

The “Romany” in our blog names refers to the fact that I can boast a Romany Gypsy way back in my family. My Great, great, great Grandfather Robert Beresford was a gypsy. I can just imagine this dark handsome stranger sweeping my G,G,G, Grandmother off her feet. This must be why we have a caravan and why I love travelling!!

DSCF5742 Blog writer at work


Nancy J said...

Jenny, a lovely sewing room, is your table specially made for the Bernina? So much easier than a removable extension by the look of it. Hope you didn't get too battered with the winds. All Ok here, we were so lucky. Greetings, Jean.

Jenny said...

I have had my sewing cabinet for many years indeed. What I needed to do when I purchased my Bernina (as I did with my previous Janome) was to get an acrylic piece cut to size to fit around the sewing machine. Gives so much more stitching room.

Vireya said...

I love the smell of boronia! It's heavenly.

I think our tastes in books are rather different, but I enjoy being part of my book club, too.

Your sewing machine looks very happy in its new home!

Wendy said...

Ah - Blogging on the road. I hope to do this over the next couple of weeks. The kids have even given me a small tablet so I don't have to lug around my laptop!
Lovely post - Cheers

Pauline Mitchell said...

Hi Jenny! Like you I love that brown Boronia and had one in the garden. I was thrilled that it grew and blossomed but later in the course of giving the garden some worm 'tea' it died! Am so disappointed as I love the perfume too but I will. Try and find another. Your Romany genes are a blessing...keep travelling!

Katie said...

What a nice spot for your Bernina. The Tramp has a librarian certificate from long ago in NZ. Needless to say we spend a lot of time in libraries. :-)

aubirdwoman said...

I seem to manage to let all my boronia die.... they dont like me.
How fantastic about your Ancestor.
Like you new sewing room.

jacaranda said...

I also love the pink boronia, only it doesn't smell as good as the brown one. I enjoy reading about your travels Jenny, you are set up very well on the road.

cinzia said...

Snap to the gypsy heritage, although it is in my husband's family not mine.
Excellent bag makeover. I would never thought of decorating a premade bag