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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Scatterdays V

Scatterdays this time are brought to you by the letter “V”.  The categories are colour, pointy, weather, and a vibrant quilt.  Now, the letter V is not the easiest to work with, but I came up with these thoughts.

Colour -  Viridian:  Viridian is a blue-green colour.  The name is from the Latin word viridis, meaning green, and the first recorded use of viridian as a colour name in English was in the 1860s. 

I just happened to have a fat quarter of this blue-green fabric in my stash.  And all this time I wasn’t aware what the colour was called!

DSCF5320 Viridian and white fabric

Pointy – Versailles – La Galerie des Glaces:  The Palace of Versailles was the official residence of the Kings of France from 1682 until 1790.  The beautiful Hall of Mirrors is the central gallery of the Palace of Versailles and is renowned as being one of the most famous rooms in the world. 17 large chandeliers and 26 smaller ones, each  made of solid silver are hung in this remarkable hall - there would be plenty of pointy bits in all these lovely chandeliers. 



We visited Versailles on a “whistle-stop” European tour in 1999.  You know the type, six countries in eight days, rush, rush, in and out of the coach while you are trying to catch your breath.  Versailles was amazing, we did not realise just how huge it was until we were there.  At the gates were hawkers holding out long books of postcards trailing to the ground for the tourists to buy.  So we did – lots of lovely pictures to bring back memories of our trip.

DSCF5336  Books of French Postcards

Weather – Vanes:  We haven’t got a weather vane, but if we did, we would probably want want just like this.  The company even do one with a kangaroo on top for our cousins across the Tasman.  Gubba On-line store states that every weather vane is made with care in New Zealand, sand cast using traditional methods, then powder coated.
Weathervane - KiwiKiwi Weather Vane
Vibrant quilt:  That’s a bit hard, I don’t really consider my quilts as vibrant.  I’m more into  “pinks and greens” I suppose.  But I had a look through my photo collection, and the most colourful and vibrant one I could find was “There’s Music in the Stars”.  This was made as a 40th birthday gift for my son,the stars and flying geese are from graduated coliur range, and the alternate blocks features a music print.  This was subsequently returned to me (never used) when he moved house.  It has since found a new home with my  teenage great nephew. 
DSCF2503 There’s Music in the Stars

That’s all from me this time.  Perhaps you would like to check what the other bloggers are doing with the letter “V”.  You can find their links on the side bar of Cinzia’s blog.


Vireya said...

I love your kiwi weather vane!

I'm glad your beautiful quilt found someone to love it.

jacaranda said...

I love your vibrant quilt. I am an autumn tone person and love oranges and rust colours. Wow, all those mirrors and chandeliers, I am glad I am not the one dusting them. I also have the same piece of fabric in my stash Jenny.

aubirdwoman said...

Great ideas. Now I think I need a new weather vane for my garden.

Annette said...

That colour starting with V is also a favourite of mine....thanks letting me know it has an official name....rather than blue/green. Love the vibrant quilt. Also read of your day with the local stitchers, hope you continue to enjoy it. Annette from Victoria, Aust

Pauline Mitchell said...

Your quilt is stunning, Jenny. I love that shade of green too..the bluefish ness seems to make it more interesting. The weather vane is fantastic! I hope I can use my 'k' treasure when the time comes. Versailles looks amazing! Owing to a time conscious husband, we didn't go in but I did drive about halfway around the perimeter and thought how vast it is!

Wendy said...

Great Post - love the weather vane (I have never seen one with a Kiwi before) Cheers.

cinzia said...

I had forgotten about all the chandeliers at Versailles. Found it amazingly gaudi in truth but still amazing