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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Helpful Hubby

We had quite a productive day today doing teamwork.  I told Robin where I wanted various pictures hung on the walls, and he measured distances, applied hooks to the wall, and used the level to make sure that they were hanging straight.  Some old favourites were released from their protective bubble wrap, and and now hanging on our bedroom walls.  It was good to see them again after all these months of being packed away.

Our wedding photo went up first, closely followed by my silk ribbon Fuchsia Sampler, my first and only time at stitching with silk ribbon.  I made this in a class at Thimbles and Threads back in 1995.  Although I am quite slow doing hand stitching it was a very enjoyable class, and was really pleased with the finished project.

DSCF5268 Silk Ribbon Fuchsia Sampler

Now, who are these two little cuties hanging on the bedroom wall?  That’s my sister Kathleen on the left, and me on the right.  Big sister Kathleen was 4, and I was aged 3 when this photo was taken.  I was a blue eyed blond back then.

DSCF5264 Sisters Kathleen and Jenny

Next up on the wall was my small “Pink and Grey Pussies”.  I did this little wall hanging at quilt night classes held at Taita College many years ago, so far back that I didn’t even put a date on the back.  This was the first time that I had used the “flip and sew” technique sewing the pieces over a numbered printed cotton pattern.  This made stitching these small pieces very simple and accurate.

DSCF5266Pink and Grey Pussies

After a couple more family photos went up on the walls, the next thing on my list was the tapestry picture which went up in my sewing room.  This pretty floral picture was stitched for me by my sister Kathleen for my 60th birthday. 

DSCF5270  Hanging in the sewing room

So that is a few more things up on the walls, but there are still more pictures and wall hangings to be found homes.  Guess we will be doing more teamwork over the next few days to get this job completed.

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