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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back where she Belongs

My Holly Hobble is back where she belongs, hanging out in the laundry in our new home.  To tell the truth, it’s not really a laundry – rather just a corner in the garage.  But the tub and washing machine fit snugly side by side, and Holly now watches over the laundry activities once again.  After several months packed away in a plastic crate, she is sure to be happy to see the light of day again.


This little wall-hanging was made in a class taught at Thimbles and Threads quilt shop way back in 1994.  Holly has been very busy, hanging out her little quilt, a pair of long pantaloons and her apron with her tiny wooden pegs on the clothesline.  I didn’t realise that this was a hand appliqué class, and stitched my pieces down with machine blanket stitch.  Goodness knows what the tutor thought of that - it’s a wonder I wasn’t thrown out of the class!

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cinzia said...

Is it a 3D quilt? looks cute either way.