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Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day.  It is celebrated at different times throughout the world, I understand.  But here in New Zealand our day is the second Sunday in May.  We had a quiet morning at home, and I got to open the gift which my daughter Nicky had delivered several weeks ago when she called in on the way to her home in the country.  It was in a pretty little gift box tied up in ribbon.

DSCF5347 Gift box – wonder what’s inside?

Inside was a selection of hand made soap, all smelling rather wonderful.  And very special too, because I know that Nicky had made them herself.

DSCF5349 Hand made soap

We then drove down to Waikanae to take Robin’s mother out for lunch.  She is the last one of this generation left in our family, and will be 90 next birthday.  Melt Cafe was very busy indeed doing a roaring business on this special day as family groups with their Mums in tow, sadly many on walkers as was Robin’s Mum,  arrived for their celebratory lunches.  Bottles of wine arrived at the various tables, the waiting staff deftly delivered plates of food, then coffees, and gifts were given to some lucky Mums.

DSCF5352 Robin and his Mum

After opening her own gift, we then all got on with the serious business of studying the menu. Whitebait and Bluff oysters sounded great – but were so expensive, so we sadly passed them by. Our choices were finally made, and we sat back and waited expectantly for our lunch to arrive.  And we weren’t disappointed.  We tucked into an omelette filled with smoked chicken for Bonnie, Eggs Benedict with  Marlborough salmon for me, and burger and chips for Robin.

I had a phone call from both my son and daughter in the evening, and spoke to the grand-daughters as well, so that was nice.  My son Michael has been very consistent for many years in his views that Mother's Day is a load of commercial clap-trap and he is not taking part in it at all.  But he has a new lady in his life now who is rather appalled by his views, so who knows, I may finally get a card and a gift next year!  But as every Mum knows, it’s not about the presents at all, but about being remembered on this special day.  Hope everyone else had a nice day with their families.  


Lis said...

What a lovely day :-)

Katie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! It's so nice to be on the receiving end once in a while, isn't it. I recieved a text message, a phone call and a video chat from my thoroughly modern children. LOL