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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Down at the Station

Down at the station – that’s where Krazy Cow quilt shop is situated, the quilt shop has taken over  the former Levin Railway Station.  Trains rush past without stopping,  except for the early morning and evening commuter train.  I called into the Krazy Cow again today to take part in the Thursday stitching group.

DSCF5456 Krazy Cow, in the former Levin Railway Station

Luchelle had brought in her raggy Christmas wreath to show us.  Strips of Christmas fabric are ripped, one end is knotted, then stuck into a slit in the wreath.  It looks great, perhaps I will have a go at making one before the Christmas season.

DSCF5452 Raggy Christmas Wreath

I had taken my Christmas Stars quilt in to get a bit of machine quilting advice.  So far I have quilted in the ditch around each block, then quilted through each star, but wasn’t sure how to complete it.  The advice was to stitch a large stipple in the other blocks, then Luchelle and I will get together to decide on how to tackle the borders.  Sounds good to me, I’ll just have to get busy quilting now.

DSCF5461 My Christmas Stars quilt

Ann is quite a new quilter and has really been bitten by the quilting bug.  After making a lovely cot quilt, she is ready to tackle a table runner for her daughter, to be made from a great selection of batik fabrics.  But first she needed a couple of lessons on how to use a rotary cutter safely. (I remember when I first started quilting, the teacher warned us never to cut towards us, as we could sever an artery.  That's something I’ve never forgotten, as those blades are really sharp.)   With her strips cut out, Ann then got started on piecing the table runner.

DSCF5455 Ann working with her lovely Batik fabrics

The door bell rang as customers popped in, including my friend Robyn, and her friend visiting  from Dunedin.  Needless to say we had plenty to chat about, and Robyn’s friend (sorry, although introduced, I can’t remember her name) was after a few fabrics to take to a Gloria Loughman landscape class.  So Robyn and I had to add our input too, of course.

Another customer called in to show her recently completed Kombi Van quilt.  Janice made this beauty for her nephew who will be using this quilt in his own Kombi van when he goes away on camping trips.

DSCF5454 Kombi van quilt

Shop owner Trish was working on a very interesting quilt on her long arm machine.  The panels features a selection of rather posh cocktails of all sorts with their descriptions, and was stitched by a non drinker, I was told.  And why not – a bit like having a drink when you are not drinking, just like a Claytons.  

DSCF5453 Trish working on the Cocktail quilt

I usually seem to pick up a quilting tip or two from the very knowledgeable Luchelle at these stitching mornings at Krazy Cow.  Not to mention a delicious coffee from the Coffee Cart to enjoy with my lunch.  Thanks ladies, it was fun again, as usual.   

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