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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making lists

I’ve been making lists, and getting things organised.  Christmas will be here in a couple of days and we have to get the caravan packed up.  Luckily all the shopping is done, the presents have been bought (or made) and they have been delivered and posted away.  Whew, that’s one job done.  We have brought all the essentials like Christmas Mince Pies, and Christmas Cake, ham and new potatoes.  Perhaps I should hang my head in shame and admit I have never ever made a Christmas cake.  The Christmas Day menu is worked out and all the extras brought.  Then I had to fossick around and find the Christmas lights which we put up around the caravan while we are away, such as the spiral multi coloured rope light Christmas Tree which we put up under the caravan awning, and the pretty little fibre optic Christmas Tree which stands on the dining table.  Not forgetting a few strands of twinkling lights which get strung around the outside of the caravan.
I was really surprised when Robin asked me if I had sewing organised to take away - guess he does notice when I sit and stitch.  Yes, my bag of hand stitching must be packed, as well as a few library books I picked up the other day.  And we mustn’t forget to take our beautiful Birman Muffy, and all her assorted paraphernalia.  Muffy even has her own “toilet bag” to keep her own personal things in!
clip_image002Muffy’s Bag
One last thing, we mustn’t forget to take the pressies, or there will be nothing to open on Christmas morning.  (I’m hoping for some chocolate peppermint creams, my favourite kind of chocolate).  So…… how organised is everyone else, I wonder?

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Katie said...

Not organized at all! LOL