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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another peek at Christmas in our house

It is so nice to get the Christmas quilts out each year.  Most of them get hung in their own special places, and anything new can cause a mild case of panic.  Not that I have a new Christmas quilt this year, my newly completed item was my Tree of Christmas Cheer (shown in an earlier post) and I found a space for it in from of the gas fire.  Here a a few of my Christmas quilts hanging on the walls, some made by me  and some are gifts.
DSCF2294 Christmas Stars, made in 1992, and hand quilted
DSCF2298Two Christmas stitcheries, made in 2006, hand quilted
DSCF2392Christmas tree made with triangles, oops, forgot to date it
 DSCF2299Little Robin Redbreasts, 2002, gift from Rose, UK
DSCF4911Christmas Baubles, 2009, gift from Diane, USA
  DSCF8332Selvedge Christmas Tree, 2010, machine quilted
Each and every one of our Christmas items is special, aren’t they?  Whether we have enjoyed the time to stitch our own, or received some as treasured gifts.   I have more hanging up, plus several versions of Father Christmas, and a variety of small trees.  No doubt I will continue to make and find space for another Christmas quilt, another Santa, or whatever takes my fancy. And last but not least, I would like to share a Christmas poem written by my grand-daughter Megan when she was just 11 years old.  We had her poem printed and framed, so that she could give one each to her parents and grand-parents.

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Linda said...

Very pretty Christmas decorations, Jenny. Isn't interesting how many one can accumulate from year to year? A question, since I have that Christmas Baubles pattern myself, don't you have it hanging sideways?