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Sunday, December 18, 2011

High Tea at Kiwitea

It was time to deliver the pressies to my daughter and her family, who live in the tiny rural hamlet of Kiwitea, so we drove up to spend the day with them.  We exchanged gifts, with the proviso being that they were not to be opened till Christmas morning, despite the half hearted pleading from the grand-daughters.  My daughter Nicky told me excitedly that we were to have a High Tea for lunch, and she was busy putting the finishing touches on the table.  Knowing I like coffee she asked me, “You do drink tea, don’t you?” Of course we do (occasionally) I assured her, after all, the table was already set with dainty tea cups and saucers.  It wouldn’t have looked the part with some big chunky coffee cups towering over the pretty bone china cups and saucers.  Our lunch was lovely, and the three tiered cake stand was full of bite sized goodies.  We enjoyed asparagus rolls, small lady-like sized egg sandwiches and dainty little savoury muffins served with smoked salmon and cream cheese.  We followed these with scones topped with jam and cream, then nibbled on chocolate truffles and whole strawberries.
DSCF8371   High Tea, Kiwitea style
The Christmas decorations were out, and I noticed several which I had previously made for the family.  There was my “Countdown to Christmas” quilt hanging on the wall, and I certainly remembered making the red Santa with a bell on his hat, plus a couple of other items that I had given to the family over the years.   It took a little persuasion to gather the two girls for a  three generation family photo – I’m sure they weren’t quite this difficult when they were youngsters!  Finally everyone was in place, and we managed to snap a few photos for posterity.
DSCF8382 G-D Emma, Jenny, daughter Nicky and G-D Megan
We had a lovely day together and caught up with all the family news.  We won’t be spending Christmas together but both families will be camping at different campsites.  Here’s hoping for warm sunny weather over the holiday season.


FlourishingPalms said...

The physical similarities among you, your daughter, and granddaughters is striking! It's great to see younger versions of you. That high tea looks like it took a lot of preparation, and apparently you're worth it. (smile) Such a nice time to spend together. Have a very merry Christmas.

Jenny said...

Thanks Linda. Nicky put a lot of effort into our lovely lunch.