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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Friendship Group Christmas Meeting

It was the last meeting of the year for my Friendship Group, and as it was December, of course there was a Christmas theme.  We meet monthly for a stitching evening, and work on our own projects, and occasional group projects.  Show and Tell is always a fun part of the evening.  Debbie couldn’t make our previous meeting when we had our Christmas Decoration exchange, so she was thrilled to receive her hand made gift this month.  A beautiful stitched panel covered a wooden cotton reel (the wooden reels are hard to find these days) and the decoration was finished off with dark red glass beads.
DSCF8230 Debbie’s Christmas Tree decoration
Helen is a wonderful cook who is so generous with her baking and often brings along a plate to share at our monthly meetings.  In appreciation, Margaret presented her with a special award, a pretty little cup cake mug mat.
 DSCF8231 Thank you to Helen
Everyone had brought along a gift and placed it in the basket.  After an hour or two stitching and chatting we were asked, “What shall we do first, presents or supper?”   Presents first, we all decided, and Maureen, as our oldest and wisest member, was asked to walk around the table and hand the gifts out.  My gift contained some yummy Russian Fudge, think I’ll save that till we go away over Christmas. 
DSCF8233Maureen is being Mother Christmas
DSCF8234My gift
The supper was delicious.  There were savoury muffins and pikelets, cup cakes, sponge drops (just like my nana used to make, one of our members commented).  Chocolate cake, slices, brandy snaps, and more.  Everyone really excelled themselves.
DSCF8236 Christmas supper
Thanks everyone for your company and friendship during the year.  I have certainly enjoyed our monthly get-togethers.

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Lis Harwood said...

That looks fun and I love that cotton reel idea. I am meeting my craft group for a Christmas lunch today, in fact I'd better get off the computer and go and put some make up on!!