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Thursday, December 22, 2011

It’s been a very warm day

We have had a busy old day today, a bit of house painting, a trip to the library and the shops, then Robin was working away under the blazing sun cutting the lawn and pruning the grapevine.  Then we started on packing the caravan.  This takes many trips up and down the path of course.  Our clothes are in, and most of the food except for perishables.  Whew, it makes me tired just reading about it all.  Muffy is flat out on the bed, snoozing the hot afternoon away.  No doubt she will wake up when things cool down a little and come to the kitchen demanding food please, and now!  This lovely warm weather is meant to last for the next few days, so we certainly hope so.  We have a large hebe bush growing in front of the house and the purple blossoms are just covered in bees.  It is nice to see them all busily gathering the nectar in the sunshine.  We are not very good gardeners so it is nice when plants flourish without any help from us!
DSCF8414 Our flowering hebe bush is covered in busy bees

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