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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Update on Sasha’s Blanket

What to do with the fluffy dog blanket I had made – that was the question.  Thank you to all who wrote a comment on the blog, and I received several e-mails as well.  The overwhelming suggestion was to keep the dog blanket, and offer it to my grand-daughter Emma, in memory of her little dog Sasha.  I should add that Emma did not know that I had made this blanket as a Christmas gift for her.  So I phoned Emma and offered her the blanket, stressing that I didn’t want to upset her.  Yes, she told me, she thought it was a lovely idea to have Sasha’s blanket to cuddle.  I assured Emma that when she gets another new puppy, I will stitch a special blanket for the new arrival.  Sasha’s blanket is now packed up, all ready to post.
DSCF5329 Parcel is all ready to post

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