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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Outdoor Quilt Show – part 2

It was a lovely day on Sunday.  The sun was shining, the bees were buzzing around the garden, the doves were cooing softly, and the quilts were fluttering in the breeze.  It was a lovely setting for a quilt show.  After checking out the challenge quilts, we walked slowly along the clothes lines, admiring one lovely quilt after another.  There were some names of quilters I knew, and a whole lot that I didn’t.  The styles, colours, and techniques were all very different, and that’s what makes a show so exciting.
DSCF5371 A row of quilts to enjoy
Each row had something special which caught our eye.  The backs of the quilts were quite interesting too.  We noticed one that was double sided, some had pieced backings, and some were backed with plain fabric which showed up the intricate quilting designs.  Here are some which we especially enjoyed.  This is “Safari”, made by Jenny Hall for her son, who loved giraffes as a youngster.  The sunset fabrics are a wonderful choice and makes the African silhouettes really stand out.
DSCF5362“Safari” by Jenny Hall
A lovely kiddies alphabet quilt full of all sorts of interesting appliquéd items.  Look at that crazy monkey dancing a jig!  Made by Francis Holder who stated that the quilt developed from a bee spotted in a honey advertisement, hence the name of the quilt.  Any little one would love this quilt.
DSCF5363 “It started with a Bee”, by Francis Holder
This floral quilt with the big bold blooms was a kit purchased in Sydney.  It was designed by Material Obsessions.  Those happy flowers are really making a statement, and the quilt is nicely finished with the colourful pieced border. 
DSCF5364 “Big Blooms”, by Debra Fink
The next quilt , so soft and pretty, was made for a special gift.  Called “Hazel’s 90th Birthday”, it features a photo transfer of Hazel, appliqué, and cross hatch quilting.  Beverly Featherstone was inspired by a design found in A P&Q magazine, and adapted it to make a special quilt for a special lady.
DSCF5365 “Hazel’s 90th Birthday, by Beverley Featherstone
I loved the colours in this quilt, and how the colours change from the light middle to the dark, rich borders.  “Kaleidoscope” by Leslie Dalley-Williams uses the traditional Winding Ways block.
DSCF5368“Kaleidoscope” by Leslie Dalley-Williams
This must be every young girl’s dream, shoes, handbags and flowers, set off well against the black panels.  “Hannah’s Quilt” was made by Adrienne Nelson, using appliqué patterns from a BOM, and set off with pieced panels in bright funky colours.
DSCF5369 “Hannah’s Quilt”, by Adrienne Nelson
Jenni F and I loved this fun quilt, which was full of quilters and quilt sayings, and we were not the only ones clustered around.  (I had to wait awhile to get a clear shot).  We could all relate to the quilty sayings and philosophies!  “Old Friends” is an original design by Camilla Watson, inspired by the funky fabric, and includes all her special quilting friends.  The quilt is set off so nicely with that pieced, scalloped inner border.

DSCF5373“Old Friends” by Camilla Watson
That is just a taste of the quilts we saw at the show.  With 75 quilts hanging  it was hard to decide which to photograph, so I have tried to give a good overview of what took my fancy.  The show was great and we were so pleased that after previously being postponed, Yvonne and her team had a lovely day for the show.  The gold coin entry was all donated to Te Omanga Hospice.

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