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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, flowers  and love, isn’t it.  Here is a picture of my heart quilt, artistically arranged (I wish) today on the deck in front of our beautifully flowering fuchsia bush.  I completed the quilt in time for our 25th Anniversary and I like to use it on our bed on our anniversary month.  Wonder if any of you recognise your heart block, as this quilt started life as a SCQ internet Valentine’s Day block swap some years ago.
DSCF5400 “Hearts of Love” - 25th Anniversary Heart Quilt
We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a meal out last night, at Lone Star Restaurant, in Petone.  It was so nice to see so many couples dining out, not all youngsters, by any means, there were lots of couples in our age group.  Several young marrieds were dining out with their young families too.  Which just goes to show that  Valentine’s Day is not just for the young and single, but for the young at heart. 
DSCF5388Dining at  Lone Star Restaurant
The food was delicious, and the servings were huge.  All the ladies were served a free glass of bubbly, which was a nice touch.  I’ll let you in to a secret – it was a very reasonable night out, as we cashed in a voucher which Robin got from his workmates when he retired.  We ended up paying just $6 to make up the difference!

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loulee said...

LOL That was a cheap night out. But a lovely treat.