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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quilts in the Library

Our local library holds monthly “Creative Crafting” sessions on all sorts of subjects.  This is to promote the books they have on offer on these subjects, and to raise awareness of the different clubs and businesses in our community.  Quilting took centre stage this month with a presentation by Yvonne of Sawmillers Quiltery.  I couldn’t let a quilt related opportunity pass me by, so I joined the happy group of ladies sitting down waiting for the talk to begin.
DSCF5340  Announcing “Quilt Making”
The tables were draped with quilts, Baltimore blocks, and stitcheries.  Yvonne welcomed us all, and went on to explain what is involved in quilting from a beginner’s viewpoint.  Rotary cutters, boards, and rulers are all used these days, and she stressed the care needed while wielding one of these extremely sharp cutters. 
DSCF5341 Quilts and blocks displayed
All the areas of quilting was covered, from choosing fabric, cutting out the pieces, and the difference between piecing and appliqué.  Several types of batting were passed around the group so the ladies could feel the different properties.
DSCF5344 Yvonne talking about her quilts
Yvonne pointed out the huge range of patterns and styles of quilts available.  Foundation paper piecing is the way to ensure sharp points – something I haven’t tried myself.  If someone would rather do handwork, there is a lot of choice too, from simple stitcheries to the elegant and challenging Baltimore blocks. 
DSCF5345 Cheryl’s foundation pieced Mariner’s Compass
A lot of discussion took place when it was mentioned that many quilters in the USA like to hang quilted banners outside their homes to commemorate the four seasons, Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas and other occasions.  It seems this practice is more common in some states than others, and we wondered if it might catch on here in New Zealand.
DSCF5343Hand quilted  Fairy Quilt
As Yvonne commented, “I’m preaching to the converted”, as many of the group at the presentation have already discovered the joys of patchwork and quilting.  But there were several ladies there too who were not yet quilters and came along to see what it is all about.  Let’s hope they are keen to take up our wonderful hobby as we could always do with more quilters in the world!


Linda said...

I wonder where USA quilters live that you're hearing about. No one I know here in Iowa (the midwest) ever hangs quilts outdoors. We have such terrible weather extremes that either the fabric would suffer from UV rays, or they'd be whipped to shreds in the wind! It's a lovely thought though. Perhaps you can try it and find success more easily in NZ than here.

Maria said...

Would have beeen a delightful way to spend a few hours. Lovely quilts.