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Monday, November 22, 2010

Off with the old, on with the new

Handbags!  We love our handbags, don’t we?  I had a navy leather handbag (I don’t wear black) which was getting rather worn and scruffy.  But, I thought, it was good enough to take along to work each day. DH Robin didn’t like this bag at all.  Not so much the bag, I think, but the fact that I had a couple of items dangling off the ring at the side.  One was my digi camera,  I can’t really go anywhere without that.  And the other little pouch was a leather glass case, for both my sun glasses and reading glasses.  And the reason that these items were dangling off my bag is because I couldn’t fit them inside.
However, several months before my work days came to an end, I found a replacement.  Navy leather of course, as this is my preferred colour.  This new handbag was tucked away till after my final day at work.  Then…….. it was out with the old and in with the new.  My nice new handbag doesn’t have any dangly bits hanging off, Robin is pleased to note.  That is because it is so much roomier that I can fit my camera and glasses case inside.  There is even a little pouch to fit the cell phone into.
DSCF4438 My new bag
My make-up purse needed replacing too, and luckily I remembered that I had a pretty little blue and yellow purse tucked away.  This was a gift from my pen friend from several years ago, when she travelled to Provence.  So that fits nicely into the new  bag too.  I’m not really much into  make-up,  but I like to carry a comb, nail scissors, and a lip stick, not that I remember to apply that very often.  I’m more of a “take me as you find me” sort of girl!
DSCF4662 Make-up purse from Provence
I guess my new leather hand bag will last me a good while, especially as my working days are over and I won’t be using it every day.


Linda said...

What a pretty shade of blue. It's a very nice looking bag. And that make-up purse... I have some of that fabric I bought when visiting France in 2002. Seeing it on your blog in Aus makes the world seem small.

kcrock said...

It is nice to find another navy girl. I don't do black either but have some now due to not finding what I want in navy.