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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cross Stitch Galore

Tucked away in Expressions Gallery was an exhibition of work by the Upper Hutt Cross Stitch Club.  In 1990 a group of women interested in cross stitch formed a club to attract other interested people to this art form.  Their aim is to encourage members to expand their cross stitch horizons.  Twenty years on, and the club is celebrating this anniversary with their latest exhibition in the Rotary Foyer, at Expressions Gallery.  With 40 items on display, there was a great range of colourful framed pictures and other items to look at.  I noticed several made especially to celebrate the birth of a new baby, and a wedding or two.  A couple had  been made by turning photos into a working graph made from photos – I understand  that their are computer programmes available that do this.  “Good  Neighbours”, by Maria Zoetebier was stitched in lovely pastel colours.  While the neighbours were chatting away, the quilt was left casually on the wicker porch swing.

DSCF4582 “Good Neighbours”

A nice assortment of bags, scissor pouches, needle cases, bookmarks, and other small items  were under glass in a cabinet.  I always love to ponder over small pieces like this to see exactly what they are.

DSCF4584 Two bags and lots of smaller items

A horse drawn carriage, lamp lights, long dresses and falling snow all speak of a Victorian street setting.  Wonder if it is London?  This is by Claire Maich and is called “a Gracious Era”.  

DSCF4585 “A Gracious Era”

A cross stitched cushion proclaiming “Welcome” by Pat Cudby nestled on top of a cross stitched baby blanket.  With colourful ABC’s around the edge, this was stitched  by Teresa Keown, and was a lovely work of art to welcome a new baby.

DSCF4586 Cushion and baby’s ABC blanket

“Memories of a visit to the Isle of Man” was a nice little framed cross stitch showing the island, shipping, a Manx cat,  and places of interest.  This was stitched by Ruth Maclachlan, and would certainly be a wonderful reminder of a holiday trip.

DSCF4587“Memories of a visit to the Isle of Man”

There was one quilt on display, with all members of the club working on the cross stitched flowers.  Called “Friendship and Flowers”, it is very pretty in pinks and blues, and I wonder if everyone had turns to take it home for a while.

DSCF4583 “Friendship and Flowers”

I have only dabbled with cross stitch myself and didn’t really like it, but I knew that there was a little tray cloth that I had done many years ago.  After hunting through the linen cupboard I finally found it.  Not counted cross stitch, but stitched over “crosses” printed on the fabric.  Here it is, not up to exhibition standard, but something I’ve completed, never the less.  Think I’ll stick to patchwork and quilting, it’s much more my style!

DSCF4590 My own cross stitch item


Frances Leate said...

I was a cross stitcher before I became a quilter and enjoyed seeing these lovely projects. Unfortunately I have a cupboard full of UFO cross stitch projects with not enough time to finish - one day!!!

loulee said...

Thanks for sharing, it's nice to see what the other side of the world is up to! ;-)