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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Sewing Completed

All done, in time for Christmas.  What a great feeling, no last minute rush.  Maybe there are one or two more uncompleted?  I’m not telling.  I was a bit slow finishing this Santa.  He looked like this part way through.  Bare headed, and unclothed, with black hands and feet and a big nose, he did look rather strange, didn’t he?
DSCF4010 Bare Santa
Santa’s clothes were put on hold while I finished other sewing tasks.  Once I got started again, it did take a while longer than I thought, as I made a few changes to his clothes.   Now fully clothed and with hair and whiskers, he looks like this. His Santa hat sports a bell and white bobbles, and he has bobbles around his trouser legs.  I’ve added a little ribbon loop to hang him up, because he really didn’t know how to sit nicely with those big feet of his.  This is the second Santa I’ve made this year, so I’m really quite pleased with myself!
DSCF4825 Santa’s all finished.
I like to decorate our caravan while we are away over Christmas and there was room for one more Christmas cushion cover.  I just replace the existing burgundy cushion covers with my hand stitched Christmas ones for the holiday season.  My quilting buddy Jenni lent me her stitchery pattern, and I made a change or two, as you do.  Then I hand quilted the front.  Another Christmas project finished with time to spare.
DSCF4827 Christmas cushion for the caravan


kcrock said...

The Santa is so cute.

Ozjane said...

I love Santa..you ar beating me. I have not made one yet. And you have reminded me with that lovely cushion that I have two crazy pieced ones here to put back one.
Great work

Maria said...

Well done Jenny. I am still working on my Christmas projects AND my GD2's 18th birthday quilt which is on the 14th Dec.
Just love your Santa and your van must look very festive with that beautiful cushion.