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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tucked around a corner…..

Tucked around a corner of one of the many corridors in Hutt Hospital, Lower Hutt, hangs a lovely hand crafted panel. Quite large, at approximately 7ft wide by 3ft 6inches deep, it has been created using a variety of hand work styles. Patchwork, cross stitch and appliqué blocks have been lovely stitched in shades of purple and white by staff members of the various departments. There is a block constructed from a piece of Tapa cloth, bark beaten very thinly and much prized by the Island communities. Just a few of the departments involved were District Midwives, Women in Pharmacy, Diabetic Services, Infection Control, and Social Workers. Each block honours the department of the stitcher involved. Unfortunately I was unable to find out how this beauty came to be stitched and put together when I checked at the Information Office.


I was visiting the hospital for my regular oncology check-up. The lead up to these appointments is always stressful, as any cancer survivor knows, and I am a real worrier. Luckily the news continues to be good, and I came away with a “big tick” health wise. You certainly can’t get better than that. Poor Robin is off work with a painful heel so he came with me today. (See our other blog : www.romanyrambler.blogspot.com for his story). On the way home we just had to pop in to my favourite cafe for a latte and one of their delicious cakes to celebrate!

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