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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just like new

What better time to arrange for my Bernina to have a service than when we have been away on holiday. That way, I don’t get to miss any machining time. I collected it today, and it’s just like new. I certainly look forward to getting some more sewing done. But what shall I work on? Perhaps the black and white quilt I’m stitching for my daughter and husband’s 25th anniversary? And what about the burgundy and cream one I’m making for my niece? I also have two more quilts pinned up and half machine quilted. Whatever I chose to work on first, it will be good to get back to my Bernina. Knowing me, I’ll probably flit from one project to the other.

DSCF2992 Just like new again

I had a little problem with my Horn cabinet the other week. I just couldn’t get the bottom drawer to close properly and suspected that something had fallen down the back. Try as I might, I just couldn’t get the offending drawer out. The cabinet has a solid timber back facing that couldn’t be moved either. What to do? I admitted defeat and asked my husband Robin to help. No trouble, he said, lifting out the top plastic tray that holds an assortment of reels of thread and other bits and pieces. Then he leaned down, opened up each drawer a little, and there, underneath the bottom one, I could see some Vilene that had slipped down. Once that was removed, the drawers shut perfectly. It’s certainly easy when you know how, isn’t it!

DSCF2623 There it is, right down the bottom of the cabinet

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