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Friday, March 12, 2010

Purring like a Kitten

Purring along like a kitten – that’s how my Bernina 440 has been since it’s back from a service. Not that it was giving me any trouble before, but I guess a bit of tender loving care can work wonders on machinery. I do try very hard to keep the bobbin race free of lint, and change the needle before I think it needs changing! Most of us quilters sit at our machines each week, quite often each day, so they certainly get a lot of use.

I’ve been doing a bit more work on the Black and White quilt – the one I’m making for my daughter and her husband’s 25th Wedding Anniversary later this year. So far I’ve stitched all the 4 patch blocks – made too many so I may use them on the back. The blocks have been set together with lime green sashing, which really gives it a zing. After purchasing 2 m of this fabric, I cut and stitched and a few days later had ran out. No problem, a trip back to my local will sort that out. But……… that same week, a phone customer from Auckland had taken the lot! (Guess she must have run out too). Don’t worry, the helpful staff told me, it’s a stock item so we will just get some more in for you. The fabric arrived the following week, and the staff member phoned to let me know it had been put aside for me before being displayed in the shop. Now, that is certainly good service, thanks Thimbles and Threads of Upper Hutt.


The green is a Patrick Lose mottled design and is really much more lime green than the photo shows.


cinzia said...

I always think black and white comes up well with a standout sashing and your blocks seem to be showing that perfectly. Lucky you were able to get some more sashing fabric.

Julie said...

I love the zing that the lime green give the black and white, divine!