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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love my appliqué mat

I’ve been assembling some Christmas Kiwis today and I just love my appliqué mat. That piece of brown plastic what ever it is made from just makes it all so much easier, I find. It’s just a matter of laying the pieces down one at a time, giving them a quick press, and voila – they all stick together.

DSCF2994One piece at a time on my appliqué mat

Before I purchased my mat, I assembled the pieces directly on top of the background fabric, and invariably some of the parts slipped out of place. It’s so much easier now. I just peeled the kiwi carefully off the appliqué sheet, positioned it on the background fabric, and pressed it all down in place.

DSCF2997 Christmas kiwi fused on to background fabric

Now I’ve got the kiwis all fused down, I need to machine appliqué around their cute little bodies. Wonder when I’ll get around to doing that?

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