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Friday, February 18, 2011

Oops – how did that happen?

Oh dear!  Yesterday was my 200th blog and I didn’t realise till today.  So there are none of the usual give-aways to celebrate this momentous occasion.  We will be “on the road” for the next two weeks tripping around in  our caravan so perhaps I can find a little something on our travels and will host a giveaway on our return.  So watch this space!  Of course, if I discover anything crafty related, or a nice new shop, I will be blogging about that here while we are travelling.  Do follow our trip on www.romanyrambler.blogspot.com -  it may well take to to places you have never explored before.
It is not only us going away on holiday.  Muffy is having a “pussy cat break” at Follyfoot Farm, isn’t that a lovely name?  And my sewing machine is in getting poked and prodded and having an overhaul by a nice serviceman, so should come back all raring to go. 


Katie said...

Well happy 200th anyway. I look forward to seeing your ramblings. :-)

Julz said...

Have a wonderful trip away. Wow 200 posts, its amazing how quickly that happens :)