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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Things to do, People to see

We had a busy old day yesterday, left home early and headed for Palmerston North.  But first, we had a stop at the asparagus farm.  This tasty vegetable usually finishes growing by Christmas, only a few weeks away now, so we have to purchase it while we can.  I bought two bundles, one for us, and the other for my daughter, Nicky.  We were to catch up with her later in the day.


Lewis Farms

Our first stop in Palmerston North was to the walk in Vaccination Clinic to get a Covid booster shot.  Oh no, they were closed in the beginning of each week, how unfortunate.  We weren't the only people peering in the door, there was another couple there too with the same aim as us. 

I needed to go to the opticians Spec Savers, as I had broken the arm on my reading glasses.  That wasn’t as easy as I thought either, as the frame couldn’t be repaired.  As these glasses were several years old and spent their life hanging around my neck on a cord and being put on and off  I decided they had served me well and ordered new ones.  These will be ready in a week or two, so we will need another trip back to collect them. 

Another couple of jobs crossed off the list, and then we drove through to Feilding to meet up with my daughter.  We had lunch in the local café, and would catch up with Nicky at her work place soon after.  My lunch was nice, it was a cold wet day so I ordered soup, and a little something to follow, very tasty indeed.


Soup for lunch

Granddaughter Megan was close by in her work truck, so popped into the café for a catch up.  She is a very happy bubbly girl, enjoys her job, her horses and dotes on her corgi Gracie.  We will be seeing her again soon at Christmas.


Megan with her Nana

Then we called into my daughter Nicky’s workplace.  She had my birthday gift from last month which couldn’t be posted down to me.  I gave her a bunch of asparagus, and she presented me with my gift, how exciting.


Me with Nicky

With that done, we left her to continue with her work day and drove home through the rain.   I had my sock knitting with me so did a few rows as we drove along.   The weather wasn't very nice at all, and believe it or not, Summer starts in a few days!

Now, what was in that parcel?  Some lovely goodies indeed.  A jar of my favourite baby red peppers stuffed with cheese, so delicious and Robin doesn't care for them at all, which suits me fine!  There was a bottle of Nicky’s home made elderflower cordial, I love that in the Summer.  And some chocolates too.  I was certainly spoilt.


Birthday goodies


Karen S said...

Great to get some asparagus. We live in the middle of an asparagus growing area.
Looks like you had a great day catching up with family and collecting some great food.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it looks like a good birthday for you and visits with family is always a plus

Julierose said...

What a lovely day--[too bad about the clinic being closed!]. Heartwarming to see loved ones
and get a chance to "catch up" isn't it? We did last Friday for our T-day gathering.
Hope all is well with you both hugs, Julierose

Nancy J said...

That's a lovely outing for you, and the rain , I am so hoping that very soon the weather will really be more summery.

Tired Teacher said...

Fresh asparagus is by far my favorite vegetable! Even though it’s available now at other times of the year, it always tastes best in the Spring. Your birthday treats sound delicious, too. Enjoy!

Anne Kirby said...

Always so nice to see the family!! Enjoy your 2nd birthday this year!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Sounds like a very lovely day and so nice to enjoy it with your family. Great birthday gifts as well. I hope you have a very lovely weekend. Hugs.

FlourishingPalms said...

How lovely to get to see family during your travels. And to take care of business too. I had a similar experience with eyeglasses - the arm broke - just as I'd arrived in Sydney for visit of several weeks! I went to every optical store in the CBD and wasn't able to find anyone who had an arm to fix my glasses. I went for weeks like that, and ended up buying new frames when I returned to the US. Such a frustrating experienced. But I think "models" of frames are in limited supply, and then not remanufactured. I'm admiring your gifts from Nicky, and love that she gave you something that Robin doesn't like. Makes me smile because I'd feel the same way if someone gave me a jar of pickled beets. Love them; hubs doesn't. Hope you're able to get your COVID booster on your next attempt.

Janice said...

I’ve still been having difficulties commenting on blogs. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading along, enjoying your travels and all your crafting. It was nice that you could briefly catch up with Nicky and Megan.