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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Early Evening Appointment

You may recall that I had a spinal operation last year, and I have been waiting for a follow-up MRI to check things out.  My appointment at the hospital was scheduled for 6.00pm the other night – and these procedures can take an hour or so.  When I expressed my surprise at the lateness of my booking, I was told that they have appointments from 5.00am in the morning right through till 9.00pm at night!  Guess they have a big backlog of appointments to get through.  But first, I had to take a Rat test at home.   Luckily it was negative, so I was free to attend the appointment.


So off we went to the hospital, and I was whisked away, put into a gown and a canula inserted in my arm for the contrast dye.   Questions were asked, and answers noted  If you have had a MRI before you will know that they are very noisy indeed, with loud bangs, clicks, and buzzes merrily going on the whole time.  No wonder the patient is given ear plugs and hearing protectors. 


An hour later it was all over and we were free to go.  Time for a late dinner somewhere before we drive home, but where should we go?  We called into a hotel in town but it was very busy with no available seating except bar stools, not for me and my back, I told Robin,  let’s try somewhere else.  So we ended up back at China Town for a a buffet dinner – we had been there just a couple of weeks ago.


Dinner at China Town

By the time we arrived back home we were shattered, it had been a big afternoon, and more than a little stressful so it a time for bed.  But not before we had taken care of Gemma, she had been home alone, it was way past her dinner time, she was saying “Feed me Now!”


CathieJ said...

I hope your MRI results are good. Yes, they are very, very loud and noisy.
Take care.

Maria said...

It was a long tiring day for you both.
Hope alls clear with your MIR.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that certainly is late in the day for a medical appointment - especially one that takes such a while to do! I image that evening meal was quite late in the day. I hope you spine has been doing ok

Tired Teacher 2 said...

My goodness, they must have a backlog to have tests that late. Your dinner looks yummy.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

So very happy that all went well, Jenny. One of my fears is having to have that test; you have made me less fearful of it.