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Monday, June 21, 2021

Winter Time

It’s winter here now in my part of paradise.  The temperatures have dropped, the rain has been falling, and its been rather cold and miserable here lately.  Much worse though in other areas of New Zealand, there has been flooding, and even a tornado causing all sorts of damage!


A rather wet and cold day

Its time for a seasonal change with my wall hangings.  Down came my Autumn stitchery, replaced by my Welcome Winter hanging.  The sewing room (spare bedroom) had a change too.  My Spools wall-hanging was replaced by Winter Quilt Festival.  As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, we don't get snow on the ground where I live, although snow does cover the tops of the mountain ranges behind our home.



Snowy winter wall-


Once the colder weather kicks in, I usually start making soup for lunch.  This is my latest, leek and potato soup, made in the microwave.  So warm and filling!


Leek and potato soup for lunch

Hope you are all keeping warm, or cool, depending on where in the world you live.  Take care, and enjoy your stitching.


Nancy J said...

Cold and wet here all day. Hugh has forbidden me to venture outside, I need to be hale and hearty for Thursday.Well, healthy at the least. Hope you are going slowly and keeping warm too, we had leek and pumpkin soup the other day, so welcome in the winter.

ButterZ said...

I’d like your recipe for the soup. I love making leek & potato soup.

Astrid said...

Your wall hangings are so cute. The soup sounds yummy, don't think I've ever tasted leek and potato soup. It's 'winter' and cold here too. From today we have a cold front from Antarctica causing rain, wind and 3 degrees (C) drop in temperature. Time for wool socks and wool sweater! Stay warm!

Julierose said...

Your Winter wall hangings are so pretty! That soup looks yummy==great idea for cold months Stay warm hugs, Julierose

Maria said...

Yes Winter has really arrived here too ….. I’ve changed my mini hanger to Winter and also pop up my Fernhill walll hanging.
Your wall hangings are lovely and enjoy your soup.

R's Rue said...

Stay warm and safe. That soup looks delicious. I love the wall hangings. Have a beautiful day.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Yummy! I love potato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich on a cold day.

Katie said...

A tornado! Oh my. We are having the same weather issues only summertime tropical storms. Your soup sounds wonderful. Recipe? :-)

Jackie said...

Yum, I love potato and leek soup. The best I had was in a small café in the UK.

We are just starting summer in my part of the world.

God bless.

Karen S said...

It is getting cold.
Great to see you making the most of it with your decorating and delicious soup.

Janice said...

It’s been bleak here too. It’s fun to switch out to your winter wall hangings. I have a little shelf in the kitchen I decorate for the seasons. I’m dragging the chain and will put autumn away and bring out winter tomorrow. It is definitely soup weather. I made a couple of big batches a week or so back. They are a nice, quick warming lunch.