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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sew Wot Tuesday

It was my turn to host the Sew Wots today – and it was lovely to catch up with them after our Aussie holiday.  Heather B brought me a bunch of lovely daisies from her garden, thanks so much Heather, much appreciated.

Flowers from Heather

There was only one item for Show and Tell, Helen had made a net-ball quilt for her grand-daughter.  Helen used sporty action panels together with pretty pieced flowers, and the bright coloured borders contrasting against the black setting it off nicely.

For Helen’s grand-daughter

There was knitting and stitching going on, magazines to be flicked through, and news to catch up on.  The ladies were sad to hear that our long awaited Indian-Pacific train trip didn’t go ahead.  Never mind, we will be getting a refund, so hopefully will plan to go again next year.

Heather B and Moira busy stitching

Gemma made an appearance, and was petted and cooed over.  But she was in a “let’s run around fast” mode going nineteen to the dozen.  Helen picked her up for a little cuddle.

Carol, Helen and Gemma

The weather today was delightful so later on in the afternoon I sat outside under our sun canopy and did a little more stitching, this time stitching down the scrappy black binding on my Soul Searching quilt.  With just this last step to do it had been put aside and forgotten.  It’s a big quilt, so not quite finished yet, but certainly getting closer.

Stitching the binding down in the Spring sunshine


Julierose said...

Looks like a lovely and talented group you have there!;))) Nice to sit out and quilt isn't it? We are hoping, after this round of storms, to finally get some cool Autumnal "sitting-out" weather...hugs Julierose

Maria said...

A pretty bunch of flowers ... WOW what an amazing quilt Helen made for her GD.
You were all busy working on many pretty projects...
Yep Soul Searching sure is a big quilt... I machine sewed thebinding....

Tired Teacher said...

Daisare such "happy" flowers and look lovely on your table.

loulee said...

Wonderfully busy and inspiring as always. :-)

Karen S said...

Another great catch up with a variety of projects!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

It is so nice to stitch with friends. The daisies are so lovely. Helen did a beautiful job on her quilt. Happy binding stitching....I like that bit xx7

Janice said...

A nice catch up for you all, and for them to meet Gemma. That is a very pretty table cloth that your daisies are sitting on.