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Monday, September 24, 2018

Scrappy Bindings and a Pocket

With two quilts dropped around to Paula, the long arm quilter, I decided it was time to get the binding ready for when they return.  Luckily I took some quick measurements earlier so I knew approximately how long to make them.  The bindings have been draped over the back of my chair in the sewing room, getting sat on, and falling on the floor – not a good way to store them at all.  So then I had a brain wave, why not roll them around a cardboard roll?  With a safety pin to keep them in place, it worked out well, and is so much tidier.  Why had I never thought of this before?

Two scrappy bindings all rolled up neatly

You may remember that I have also been doing some "secret sewing" working on an apron for a Sew Wot Christmas gift.  Helen sent me a blog comment saying, “Hi Jenny. Don't forget to put the pocket on the apron & pop a fav recipe in the pocket! I'm making mine next week. Dear wee Gemma is full of life!”.  Well, I had forgotten about adding a pocket to the apron, so was grateful for the reminder.  Better get on and finish this today. 


Tired Teacher said...

Good idea for storing the binding. I wrap mine around a 4x6 inch piece of heavy cardboard. Love the idea of adding a recipe in the apron pocket.

Maria said...

Great idea to store your binding. I just roll mine and pin the end.
Look forward to the apron reveal.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Thanks for sharing this great tip with Oh Scrap! And I love the idea of placing a favorite recipe in the pocket of an apron. Clever!

Janice said...

You’ll be able to hit the ground running when your quilts come back. Great storage idea. I wonder what recipe you will pop in the pocket.

loulee said...

What a nice idea, to share a recipe with the apron gift.

PaulaB quilts said...

Great idea for storing binding. Mine is always all over the place. Have a fun week!

Karen S said...

Smart thinking on the binding.

Connie said...

This is a splendid idea and one that I am going to start using right away. Keeping things organized has always been a problem for me. I put things up in safe places and then forget where they are. Have you ever done that? I can see a small basket with all of my scrap blinding done up like this and easy to see and use. I'm new to your blog and excited to have found you. I'm a simple retired gal that loves quilting, embroidery, gardening, camping and just plain enjoying life. I'm also someone who has got to have something to keep my hands busy with. I watch TV with my husband every evening and if I don't have something on my lap to work on, I simply fall asleep, LOL.
Your newest follower,
Connie :)