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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Friends to Stay

We have had friends to stay for a few nights, hence the recent flurry of baking going on.  And perusing recipe books – what shall I cook for the evening meals?  Don’t know why I get in a tizzy, after all I cook each day, but you always want it a to be little bit special when friends came to stay, don’t you?  Needless to say, there's been no sewing happening this week, although I did show off my latest creations.  My friend Merilyn is not a quilter, but she knits, spins, and has dabbled in stitcheries and candle-wick work over the years.

For the first time in ages, my sewing machine cabinet was closed up tight.  And the “wardrobe” went from this to a double bed.  Its a very clever piece of American designing, and we love that the bed folds up neatly and disappears into the cupboard when not in use.  It folds down to a double bed, with an excellent mattress, much more comfy than the pull out sofa our visitors had to use previously.

Hiding behind the wardrobe doors is….

A comfortable double bed

Our friends Merilyn and Colin live in Dunedin and we spent last Christmas with them.  Merilyn and I are old school friends from way back, and yesterday we caught up with another old friend Robyn, and met up for morning tea.  Robyn and her husband has recently moved up to Levin from the Hutt Valley, like we did, and I met up again with her at a meeting a couple of years ago, thinking, I know that lady.   She hadn't changed a bit!

Me, Merilyn and Robyn

In fact, the last time Merilyn and Robyn had met was about 50 years ago, when we gathered at the wharf with other school friends in Wellington to wave her goodbye.  Merilyn and her parents were moving down to the South Island to live in Dunedin.  Robyn had brought along a photo of this sad occasion as we waved our friend goodbye, would we ever meet up again we wondered?  We had all recently started work and were about 16 at the time.

Pam, Robyn, Merilyn, Jenny, with Sally in the front at the wharf to say goodbye

Our guests had more friends to visit, and a family 80th Birthday to attend in the weekend, so packed up this morning ready for the next stage of their adventure.  It was so nice to catch up again and have them come to stay – we always have so much to talk about, it’s just like we have never been apart.

Merilyn and Colin


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

They used to call those a "Murphy Bed" you don't see them as much as one used to but I have heard that they are making a come back for small apartments - it really is a good idea. I get in a "tizzy" also about what to cook - it is usually just us so when it is more you want to make sure it will be something everyone likes

Kate said...

Jenny, how wonderful to have a visit with old friends!

Tired Teacher said...

I love this post and knowing you were able to visit with two of your old friends. Fun to see the old and new photos, too.

My first apartment had a Murphy bed. I didn't realize they are still being made. It is a clever design.

Jenny said...

Yes, they are called Murphy beds, made under license here in New Zealand. As well as being a comfortable double sized bed, we love the fact they they fold up so nicely against the wall when not in use.

Jenny said...

As I meant to add, leaving me more room to get on with my sewing in the back room.

HEATHER B said...

HI Jenny lovely to catch up with your blogs again. That fold up bed is wonderful. Missed you at sew wots only four of us but we did justice to the yummy morning tea. so pleased to see that you are well again and enjoyed hearing about your weekend. keep up the good work. cheers. Heather B

Karen S said...

Great to have special friends visit and have time together.
That is a great bed!

Maria said...

What a wonderful visit from your old friends.. love the photo of yous taken long ago.
Great idea for the spare bed.

Janice said...

How wonderful that you were able to all catch up and how good to have the photo of you from when you were all young. You all looked so elegant.