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Friday, May 11, 2018

Baby quilts gifted

I was wondering what to do with my recently completed 1930s cot quilt.  Although I enjoyed stitching it, it was made with the idea of passing it on instead of keeping it for my two grown-up grand-daughters to finally start their own families.  They have told me quite plainly that they are not ready for babies yet, if ever, thank you Nana!

1930s cot quilt

I also completed a smaller baby quilt, made from cute little farm animal blocks, and backed in cuddly pink flannel. Just right for a floor mat to place a baby on to kick her chubby little legs in the air.

Baby quilt with farm animals

They have now been gifted to baby Hadassah, daughter of Robin's niece Sharon,  so happily both these quilts have found a new home.  Sharon would love to have a baby quilt, she said, so they will be going to Auckland very soon when Sharon’s mum travels up to visit the new family.

I’m happy to pass them on to Sharon and her baby


loulee said...

I'm sure they will be very much appreciated. All the more so because they are made by a family member.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

One day I need to make baby quilts for my one day great-grandchildren if ever lol - if they don't have kids I guess they can be passed on to someone else!

Maria said...

Sew nice your pretty quilts are being gifted to Hadassah. I'm sure her Mum Sharon will love them.

Karen S said...

So pleased your lovely quilts have found a special home. They are too lovely to just sit in the cupboard.
And if you do end up with more babies you have a good excuse to make another quilt or two!

Tired Teacher said...

An adorable set of quilts. I can imagine that once the baby is walking, the quilts will be dragged from room to room and tremendously loved.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

What a treat for those babies to be wrapped in Jenny’s sweet home made quilts.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Beautiful quilts. Wonderful that they have a loving home to go to. Great job!

Janice said...

It’s lovely that your quilts have found an appreciative home.