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Monday, May 21, 2018

A Right Royal Weekend

We have enjoyed a three night weekend away in the caravan, staying “over the hill” at both Masterton (for one night)  and then on to Carterton.  It was very pleasant autumn weather, a little rain, but mainly fine.    In Masterton we camped under lovely large mature trees, which had dropped a carpet of golden leaves onto the ground.

Solway Showgrounds, Masterton

Then we drove a short distance to Carterton Holiday Park, to meet up with our caravan friends for a weekend rally.  This is a lovely camp, and we enjoy coming here.  Now the weather is getting cooler, it’s nice to be on power again.  There were pretty little yellow birds in the small aviary, and some friendly sheep came to greet me as I walked past.


Pleasant grounds at Carterton Holiday Park

I had taken my stitching bag with me for the weekend, as I always do, but sadly didn’t even open it.  There was too much going on, and of course the highlight of the weekend was the Right Royal Wedding on Saturday night, our time.  Eileen was so excited she dressed up in her finery and put the rest of us to shame.  I knew I should have packed my tiara!

Dressed for the Royal Wedding

Some members weren’t interested (such philistines) and took themselves back to the vans, but most stayed in the hall in front of the TV and watch the momentous occasion unfold.  There were plenty going on before the service as happy royal watchers were interviewed, and the big question, who designed “The Dress” was discussed at length.  With the time difference between UK and New Zealand, it was going to be a very long night for us.  I took myself back to the van at about 10.00pm, settled down in bed with the TV on, and watched and waited as important guests arrived, and the ceremony finally began.  It was a long night, and we finally turned the light out and went to sleep at 1.30am.


There’s no doubt about it, the Brits certainly know how to put on a show, full of  all that glorious pomp and ceremony.


Tired Teacher said...

It was an elegant wedding, and I loved her gown. I watched bits and pieces of video online, as I do t have regular TV service. They make a lovely couple, and I wish them much happiness. Such a shame you didn't pack your tiara!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I recorded the whole show and watched the bits and pieces before the wedding service and then the wedding itself - I thought it was beautiful

Nancy J said...

Graceful, elegant, a gown and veil train designed so beautifully, a joyous occasion, and I think we saw a lot more on TV than being there. Hats that were lovely, some downright ridiculous, dresses ditto, and Meghan looked so happy, as did Harry. Yes, a late night down here too,but worth the lack of sleep.

Janice said...

What a great way to enjoy watching the wedding. We had friends staying, so we had steak and kidney for dinner - very British. The boys bagged out the wedding beforehand but I think they also enjoyed it. Not such a late night for us.

Karen S said...

Looks like a lovely weekend. And, yes, we watched the wedding, too.