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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Where are we Now?

We are still slowly traveling around the South Island of New Zealand, with plenty to see and do, and if I’m lucky, time for a little stitching too.  So what have we been up to lately?  We’ve now moved on from the Otago Gold Fields and here are a couple of snaps on our last days in the area.    The lovely old Wedderburn Tavern was one of the many featured in my book about notable old New Zealand pubs,  so the driver was persuaded to stop and call in for a coffee.  The friendly server not only signed our book with a friendly greeting but also invited us to stand behind the bar while she took a photo of us both.

Wedderburn Tavern, built 1885

The big green goods shed just along the road is just as famous as the pub as it features in one of Grahame Sydney’s paintings.

Wedderburn Goods Shed

Historic Ophir was another interesting stop, crammed full of lots of interesting vintage buildings from the gold rush days.  Some have been lovingly restored, but this old Haberdashery shop is in  need of a whole lot of TLC.  A peep through the windows showed some lovely old items on display.


Old Ophir Haberdashery Shop

The scenery changed dramatically when we left Otago behind us and traveled up the East Coast and saw nice green farmland again.  A visit to the the Victorian Precinct in Oamaru to view the streets of (protected) lovely old buildings is always special.

Victorian Precinct in Oamaru

And I couldn’t help myself and just had to clamber up on the penny farthing bicycle, a little difficult but I’m pleased to say I persevered and finally made it.  Just as well the bike was on a stand and not going anywhere.

Riding high!

Down  by the coast we came across an amazing sight – hundreds of pied shags resting on the old derelict wharf.  They were all quite happy, sitting in the sunshine and preening themselves, and not at all  disturbed by the paparazzi .  We had never seen so many all together.

Pied shags sunning themselves on the old wharf

We are now staying at Waimate, home of wallabies!  Yes, that’s right, wallabies here in New Zealand. Back in the 1870s  several were brought over from Tasmania and later released.  They made the most of their freedom and their numbers soon increased dramatically.  They are declared an animal pest and land occupiers must contain the wallabies within specified areas. The wallaby is now widely regarded as a symbol of Waimate.

Hop in for a Visit

Waimate also grows luscious soft fruit, lots of yummy summer berries.  With the temperatures climbing up, we decided to take a trip to visit Butlers Berry Farm to get some fresh fruit, and maybe an ice-cream.   This must be the right place, just look at the size of those berries!  We sat and enjoyed a mixed berry sundae in the café – oh my goodness, just delicious!


Butlers Berry Farm

I’m off now to sit outside under the shady awning with a cool drink and my stitching – it’s a busy life being on holiday.


Nancy J said...

I have heard that Otago is in a severe drought mode right now, no grass, no feed from last year, no silage or hay, and no stock, Waimate, a little further north, had the same a few tears ago. Love the bike pic, a winner.

Maria said...

Both of you have been very busy seeing lots of interesting places on your travels.
Lovely photo of you on the Penny-farthing.
Love the cushion in your header...

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

had a chuckle over you "riding high" neat.

Tired Teacher said...

Lovely old buildings - I'm pleased to see many are being restored and preserved. I can't imagine actually riding that bicycle - such a height for a bad tumble. Oooh my, the sundaes look amazing!

Karen S said...

Oh, those sundaes do look delicious!!
I never knew there were wallabies there.