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Saturday, January 6, 2018

A little New Year Stitching

Trying to fit in some stitching while away on a road trip doesn’t always work.  What with traveling around and checking out the sights, I don’t always have too much spare time.  But with a little diligence, sitting and stitching an hour here and an hour there, I’m coming along with my block.  It’s not finished yet but certainly coming along.  I’m stitching Puriri Wreath, one of nine New Zealand tree and flower blocks designed by Jenny Hunter.   There are the berries and flowers to stitch yet.  Although these patterns are designed for applique, I’m  doing my blocks as stitcheries. 

Puriri Wreath block

So where have we been traveling to lately?  We’ve been down to Bluff in the deep south and posed for our photo at the famous sign post.  It was so busy that we had to wait our turn while all the others took photos.

Bluff Sign
At the famous signpost in Bluff

Back down on the coast road we found a sculpture paying homage to the Bluff oyster.  Harvested since the 1860s, the oyster has long been a Bluff icon, providing industry and employment for the area.  Sadly we won’t be around for the next  Bluff Oyster Festival which takes part next year at the end of May – there is nothing nicer than deep fried battered oysters and chips!

Bluff Oysters are famous!!

While driving around Roxburgh, famous for apricot orchards, we came across some amazing stone ruins.  What could it be, we wondered?  It was such a massive size, and if we were in England we could almost blame Henry VIII for it’s ruin. Mr Google told us that the Teviot Woolshed  was erected in 1870 and was once the largest woolshed in the southern hemisphere. Measuring 137m by 47.3m it could hold more than 8,000 sheep.  A fire in 1924 destroyed much of the shed, with just  the stone walls with rounded façade and arched windows remaining today.  It was an amazing sight to come across in the middle of the country.


Stone ruins of an old wool shed

Robin is very keen on power stations and dams, and there are several in the area we are traveling through.  We have visited each and every one we have come across, and her was thrilled when we were able to drive the car across the top of the Roxburgh Dam. I hopped out of the car part way across and took his photo!

Roxburgh Dam

We have been lucky with our weather on holiday.  While parts of the North Island have had terrible storms over the last day or so, down here in the South Island it has been mostly fine, sunny and warm.


Tired Teacher said...

What a shame that large barn was not rebuilt. I bet it was beautiful when it was intact.

Your stitching is looking good. I think you've made wonderful progress.

Kate said...

I'm enjoying your travelogue.

Nancy J said...

Otago , it looks so dry. I am glad you have had good weather, and that woolshed. massive indeed. Love the stitchery, it is good to have when away from the sewing machine and cutting table.

Raewyn said...

Happy New Year Jenny - it looks like you are having a wonderful adventure time down south, exploring it all. We've been at the very Far North, total opposite end of the country! (And left just as the BAD weather was arriving) . Lovely idea to stitch the applique designs - some progress is better than none :-)

Michelle Ridgway said...

Very interesting sights on your trip Jenny. That stone ruin is amazing! Your stitching is lovely.....enjoy the road xx

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

how nice to see the photos from your travels - I will never get there so thanks for sharing

Suzanne said...

Your stitching is so lovely. Thank you for sharing your travel adventures.

Deb said...

Love the stitchery, your stitches are beautiful, thanks for sharing your travel photos. Happy New Year.

Karen S said...

Good to see some stitching happening. And pleased the weather has been kind to you. It looks like a pretty area to travel around.
Love the idea of apricot orchards. Are they picking at the moment?

Janice said...

I know what you mean by it being hard to sometimes get stitching done while travelling, especially if like me you can’t stitch while driving. Your blocks coming along nicely. I’m sure you will make plenty of progress.