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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Annie’s Store and meeting up with NickiJ

Annie’s Country Quilt Store in Tinwald, Ashburton,  is a real delight.  Stepping onto the verandah of the 100 year old cottage, there were baskets of goodies to check, and that’s before I even stepped through the door.   Room after room was full to overflowing with beautiful goodies, leaving me to wonder just where to start looking. 


Passing by on Sunday, I really didn’t expect the shop to be open.  But, as I was told, they are open 7 days a week.  How’s that for great service!  I asked permission to take a few photos as I looked around the shop.  There is so much to take in, fabric, threads, kits, patterns, all beautifully displayed in different rooms.  You really needed just to quietly browse as you walked around.


Owner Rachel admits to having a passion for egg beaters, and there was a great variety strung up high, including some rather interesting large wooden ones.

Some of Rachel’s collection of eggbeaters.

After a good look around, I decided that I couldn’t really leave the shop without this – a  wool embroidery project which I loved.  I like to have some hand work to do while we are away on trips in our caravan, so will probably save this till a little later.

New hand stitching project (for later)

While in Ashburton I contacted fellow blogger and quilter Nicki who writes as Patches of Cats.  Luckily the fates were aligned and we organised to meet up last night for a meal at one of the local restaurants.  Except, being a Monday evening, that particular establishment was closed.  Never mind, Plan B was soon put in operation and we followed Nicky in her car to Braided Rivers Restaurant and Bar.

We perused the extensive menu and decided against my first choice of Roast Pork for the more exotic sounding wild venison Denver leg, served on potato and herb gnocchi, with asparagus, prosciutto, and peas finished with Red pepper coulis, feta and a side of jus.  And it tasted just as delicious as it sounded.

Robin decided on a ribeye steak, served with garlic and herb fries, beer battered onion rings finished with a bacon and Peppercorn sauce, and Nicki ordered a burger of crumbed chicken breast, served in a brioche bun with Napoli sauce, parmesan cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion served with a side of fries.  All meals were declared delicious, and we got to know one another as we enjoyed our meals.  There was plenty to chat about, patchwork and quilting of course, travel, work, and life in general.

Nicki and me at Braided Rivers Restaurant

It was so nice to finally meet up with Nicki, after reading her blog and her quilting stories.  Thanks for arranging such a nice evening.


Kate said...

Sounds wonderful and I'm just a bit envious of your visit to the quilt store and your meal. :)

Tired Teacher said...

How wonderful to meet another blog pal! My wallet would get a workout in that adorable quilt shop. I love the wool stitching kit you purchased.

loulee said...

Annies is such a wonderful store, I meant to say to you to stop there. I have that same pattern book, purchased in that very same store!

Jenny said...

Well,we obviously have excellent taste to choose the same pattern!

Karen S said...

Lovely shop and I especially like the project you purchased.
Looks like it was a good meet up and a lovely meal.