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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Day

The “Big Day” arrived – but we are having a very relaxed Christmas this year as we are enjoying a loooong caravan trip exploring the South Island (of New Zealand).  Christmas decorations are down to a bare minimum this year, but we do have one little fellow hanging about.  Or in this case, sitting.  Here is our little Christmas Kiwi sitting outside on a fence post wishing one and all a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Kiwi Santa

We had our traditional Christmas breakfast, croissants with ham and cheese, and  I used frozen croissants this time. This is actually daughter Nicky’s family tradition, and we have borrowed it to make it ours as well.  Just delicious, with some nice plunger coffee to follow, a tasty breakfast to set us up for Christmas Day.

Croissants for breakfast

We were invited to Christmas Lunch at the home of my friend Merilyn’s son and daughter-in-law, and were made very welcome indeed.  Yolande is into Christmas in a big way and loves decorating for Christmas!



We had a wonderful traditional Christmas Lunch, with hot ham, roast pork, turkey, lamb and chicken, served with a wonderful selection of veggies and salads.  After Secret Santa gifts were distributed, the desserts were set out.  What would a New Zealand Christmas be like without  a pavlova?  That was certainly yummy, and there was trifle, ambrosia, brandy snaps, etc, etc, much too much for me to try everything, I have to say.

It was a great spending Christmas Day with my dear friend Merilyn from school days, and many thanks to her son and daughter-in-law for inviting us to their home.  Here I am with Merilyn looking a little flushed after indulging in a glass of bubbly!

Merry Christmas!!!!


Kate said...

Jenny, it looks like a wonderful celebration!
Your kiwi santa is so cute!

Nancy J said...

To share the special day with wonderful friends is the best. We had our evening meal with a very dear friend, after a quiet morning at home.

TheEclecticAbuela said...

I love your Christmas Kiwi! Happy Holidays.

Maria said...

Love your Kiwi Christmas 🎄 decoration.. your Christmas breakfast is delicious. We always have ham and tomato 🍅 on toast..
A lovely traditional dinner at your friends sons home...

Karen S said...

It looks like you have had a lovely Christmas. Perfect way to combine a holiday and visit friends!

Tired Teacher said...

Santa Kiwi is adorable. Frozen croissants? I had no idea. Sounds like I need to check the freezer section of the grocery store more closely.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Kiwi Santa is adorable. What a beautiful home you visited! Sounds like a lovely day with delicious Christmas fare.