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Friday, September 22, 2017

Traveling on

We have been slowly making our way southwards over the last few days.  And before we left New Plymouth  Mt Egmont rewarded us with a glorious cloud free photo – and that doesn’t happen very often.  Isn’t it a beautiful sight?

Mt Egmont

We traveled down to Stratford - named after the birthplace of William Shakespeare and many of the streets bear the name of the characters from his plays.  Stratford's glockenspiel stands in the main street, Broadway, and is unique to New Zealand.   Romeo and Juliet, emerge for the balcony scene, reaffirming their vows of love, four times a day.    Well worth the time to stop and listen, if you are there at the right time.

Glockenspiel at Stratford

I called in to a “new to me” quilt shop, “In Stitches”, Stratford to make a few small purchases, as you do while travelling.  The very friendly owner showed me a commission quilt she was making for a man who told her he wanted to sleep under the mountain.  And what a great job she is doing.  The mountain has been appliqued and is surrounded with an assortment of New Zealand prints.

Commission quilt featuring Mt Egmont

Inside the quilt shop

Our next stop was to “The Cheesebar” at Eltham  to buy some cheese and hopefully pick up a bargain or two.  There was some delicious Kikorangi Blue on special, so I made sure I got some of that, plus a few other cheeses.  I’m a real cheese lover, so always like to stop here when we are passing by.

Lots of yummy cheese

Remember my candlewick quilt which I collected from Linda at Razzle Dazzle Quilter recently?  Well, the quilt has been traveling around with us too, of course.  I have it wrapped up in a big bath towel to keep it clean, and it gets moved around the caravan.  During the day it is placed on our bed, out of the way, and at night it gets moved down to the seating area when we go to bed.  It’s rather like a very big swaddled baby – although Robin tells me it’s like moving a dead body around!

When we return home in a few days time the quilt will be taken into my sewing room to get the binding stitched on.  Then I’ll take some more photos and show it off in all it’s glory.


Nancy J said...

A new fabric shop, pure delight. And a swaddled quilt, why not?? Mt Egmont in all its beauty, wonderful.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

How lucky to get such a great photo of Eggie. Kaharangi Blue, love that too! Looks like the quilt Is getting lots of TLC.

Michelle Ridgway said...

What a beautiful area. Amazing quilt! I do understand the caravan shuffle lol!

Tired Teacher said...

You travel to the most interesting areas and places. Love the Mt. Egmont photo and all the delicious cheese. Enjoy your purchases.

Katie said...

Robin is too funny!! LOL

Maria said...

Oh what a fabulous photo of the Mountain covered in snow...
The commission quilt is amazing and I 'm sure the man will enjoy sleeping under the mountain.
You make me laugh carrying the Candlewick quilt..Does look more like a body than baby..

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies - always nice to get comments. That wrapped up baby/body will be moved to and fro in the caravan for a couple more days. Then it can rest in peace, so to speak.

crazyquilter said...

How lovely, with all your travels you still find interesting places to be and things to do.
What a great photo of Mt Egmont.
So nice to see your candlewick quilt being treasured. I am so looking forward to seeing it again with the binding on.

Sue said...

I love your blogs and finding out interesting bits about NZ that I did not know is a real bonus. What a find, a cheese shop in Eltham! I know the fabric shop in Stratford. Now on our annual trip to WOMAD I will be making sure we seek out the cheese shop! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your Mt Egmont photo was worth the price of admission, all by itself! That's a gorgeous photo. Stratford and Eltham sound like wonderful places to visit. How fortunate you are.