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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Still Traveling

We are still on a caravan trip and since collecting my quilt from Linda at Taupo, we moved on to Hamilton.  Want to see another peek of my beautiful quilt?  Linda quilted all around my simple candlewick blocks and really made them look special.

Another peek at Linda’s beautiful quilting

The trip to Hamilton was to visit the “Motorhome, Caravan, and Leisure Show” where all the brand new vans and motorhomes are displayed.  There was free parking for vans at this 3 day event, and we joined about 900 others.  I climbed up the road to the top of the hill to get a photo over the site – and was I puffed when I reached the top!  Certainly worth it though, and walking back down was so much easier.  We went for a walk and saw vans parked all over the place, many at the back of buildings so not easily seen from the road.  And caught up with some old friends from different parts of the country whom we only see at these type of get-togethers.


Looking at all the bright and shiny new vans was great, but I was also quite taken with a display of restored retro vans, all beautifully styled with accessories too.  This little cutie in particular.

Pretty little retro van

Leaving the show, we traveled south at stopped off at the little town of Kihikihi – it was time to do some laundry.  Keeping up with the laundry makes me a very happy camper indeed.


We are staying for the next couple of nights at Bell Block, New Plymouth, under the shadow of Mt Egmont.  What a great view we have from our caravan site.  Hopefully I will get a clearer shot next time.  There is a saying up this way – “If you can’t see the mountain, it’s raining, and if you can see it, it will be raining again soon”.

Mt Egmont

I’ve only managed to do a little hand stitching while we have been away, and need to go and buy some more thread – I’m stitching a NZ native bird and  need blue for tail feathers and a red/yellow for the beak and feet.  We will be having a catch up with friends later for an evening meal, so that will be very nice. 


Nancy J said...

Looking like a great time away, and to see the snow capped peak is always a bonus.

Jenny said...

We've had a great time away so far - with still another week to go.

Tired Teacher said...

Gorgeous scenery! It is great fun to visit with old friends when traveling.

You must be over the moon with all of the beautiful quilting on and around your stitching. A stunningly beautiful quilt.

Jenny said...

Gorgeous scenery indeed - everywhere we travel here in New Zealand.

Ad yes, I'm thrilled with the quilting on y quilt, and have to say I'm in awe of Linda's talent.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine what fun a show like that would be - what a HUGE crowd! That is a cute little retro. There's a company here that makes the retro look brand new. They have colors like the red and gray and turquoise and gray, and they are quite tempting to me because they are so short and I could pull them easily ... well, if I traded for a tow vehicle, I could. LOL I think about it a lot. Quilting room inside, too.