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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Work before Play

I’m feeling rather virtuous.  There was mending to do that had been hanging around – now finally done.  Robin’s favourite shorts needed repairing, the inner pockets are made of such thin fabric that they keep getting holes in them.  I’m repaired them several times now, and he is always thankful that the pockets are fixed up, once again.  I had purchased new navy trousers which needed the legs shortened.  Both jobs done, and once started, of course it didn’t take too long at all.

With that out of the way, I sat down and updated my Quit Documentation folder.  Why had I let this slide, I wondered?  That’s right, I remember now.  Last time I wanted to do it, we had run out of ink for the printer.  With several finishes so far this year, everything is now up to date, pages printed off, small fabric samples added, and the pages filed away in clear plastic pockets in my folders.  And all the fabric from each project which has been hanging around has finally been put away.   It’s so nice to flick through my folders now and again, and remember what I have done over the years.


The dice called up UFO number 1 from my list this week - which is my Animal ABC quilt.  The blocks have all been stitched, so now I need to sew them all together.  Don’t know how much sewing I’ll manage this week, as the long Easter weekend will impact on both this week and the following one.  Of course, we will be tootling off in our caravan very soon.

Making a start, I laid out the blocks, cut some colourful  sashing strips and started stitching.  It was  a lovely warm Autumn day yesterday so  I took my blocks outside onto the patio table and did my pinning in the sunshine.  Then back I went to the sewing machine.  So I’m getting my sewing started, enjoyed a little time outside in the fresh air, and the walking to and fro stops me from stiffening up after spending too long at the sewing machine.

Pinning the sashing strips

So far, there are several rows stitched together and as the rain has now arrived today, I’ve spread this portion over the back of the couch.  Can you see where I’ve added a New Zealand touch?  K just had to be for Kiwi, I felt.

Animal ABC quilt so far

Not sure how much more I’ll get done –  once the rain stops and the ground dries out a little, there’s caravan packing to do for our long Easter weekend away.  Hope the Easter Bunny can track us down for the Easter Eggs and Buns!


Michelle Ridgway said...

Good work on the mending and alterations....I hate mending lol! Loving your letters. I am sure the bunny will find you......better leave a note just in case lol xx

Nancy J said...

lovely alphabet blocks Jenny. Maybe check the weather before you leave, flooding already in South Auckland,and those people in Edgecumbe will be wondering when their fortunes will turn to better days.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

What a wonderful day to stitch outside like that. We have had one day with very warm temperatures...20 C just a tease really and lots of raining. You are very organized.

Tired Teacher said...

Mending is a job that I put off, too. I have a pile of small repairs that I should do this week and call it done.

Kudos for keeping a Quilt project book. I started one but abandoned it. I use my blog as a good substitute.

Have a safe and wonderful trip.

Raewyn said...

Good on you with the mending - yu are right, once those jobs are pulled out, they never take very long! Nice to see progress on your ABC quilt - nice touch with the Kiwi. Hope you stay safe and dry caravaning this weekend!