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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sew Wots on Tuesday

I was determined not to miss another Sew Wot Tuesday so Robin drove me home early from the Foxton caravan rally, and then he  went back for the final night.  So I was all ready to meet up with the the ladies on Tuesday morning while he ambled back home with the caravan mid morning.

There were no finishes for Show and Tell, and everyone was busy working on their various projects.  Heather E was stitching away on hexagons and Mary was working on her Zenembroidery, purchased from the Fox Collection.  Helen admired it so much that she has purchased a similar design for herself to stitch.

Mary’s Zenembroidery

There was knitting going on too, with both Helen and Heather B busy with their needles.  Both knitting to keep the tootsies warm – Helen was knitting cozy woolen slippers and Heather was knitting socks.

Helen and Heather B doing their knitting

Helen is knitting thick woolen slippers

We have acquired a whole lot of quilting magazines collected over the years by our Sew Wot member Pam who sadly is no longer with us.  It was decided that we would swap these boxes amongst ourselves, flick through and read them, then pass on again at our future Sew Wot get-togethers.  The magazines may well be old, but there is a lot of articles and patterns which may well take our fancy.

Carol checking out the magazines

As for me, I worked on another of my Christmas ABC stitchery blocks, and I’m pleased to say that I’m coming along quite well with these.    Helen was our hostess and provided  a tasty morning tea (just love those asparagus rolls).  As usual, there was plenty of chatter -  another friendly Sew Wot get-together.


Kate said...

That Zen embroidery looks like quite a challenge!

Tired Teacher said...

The Zenembroidery looks fascinating. I haven't seen anything like it around my area.

It's great fun to craft, stitch, knit, and visit with others.

crazyquilter said...

So nice that Robin was willing to take you back home so you could attend your regular meeting with the ladies. So nice to keep that companionship going over the years. Even if there was not show and tell you had the chance to be catching up with each other.

Michelle Ridgway said...

It is so nice to stitch with friends regularly. Special times x

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Sounds like your travels continue to be full of great sites, wonderful people and lovely food! I love your caravan bag; what a good find. Amazing women are your Sew Wot buddies all doing great stitching. I of course love the zenembroidery piece; I have several colouring books with those zen like drawings and maybe sometime I will get around to doing that too.

NickiJ said...

Great idea about the magazines boxed up in sets for easy carrying and for sharing.