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Friday, April 21, 2017

New List Required

With two finishes recently, my List of Six needed updating.  The question was – what shall I choose to add to the list?  You all know that I have plenty lurking away in various bins or bags.  There was one in particular that I had planned to add – but I couldn’t find it!  Next time, perhaps.

So my new List of Six is:

1:  Animal ABC quilt – coming along nicely
2:  Horse quilt number 2 – not yet started
3:  New Zealand native birds – replaces Winter Welcome wall-hanging
4:  Soul Searching – replaces Candlewick Table runner
5:  Xmas Stars and Nine Patches – up to the machine quilting on this
6:  Polka Dot Apron – not yet started

Ready and waiting

I’ve finally washed, ironed, and put away all the fabric I purchased recently at the Fabric Bazaar.  The hand dyes bled and bled after several washes.  So I taught them a lesson and left them outside on the clothesline for several days through several showers, sunshine and wind.  Hopefully all the excess dye has now gone.

All ready to use now

Rolling the dice won’t happen  for the next couple of weeks – we are off and away for a two week trip up to Waihi in our caravan. And look at the glorious morning we woke up to.  Clear blue skies, and the sunshine is kissing the hills behind our home.  It’s a great day to travel, indeed.

It’s a beautiful morning to travel

But I’ve packed both my stitching bag and knitting bag to take with me, plus a couple of library books to keep me occupied in any spare time.  And when we return home, I’ll be really keen to get started on my list again.


kiwitales said...

Have a lovely time away! I'm looking forward to seeing what the Native Birds roll the dice will look like.

Tired Teacher said...

Hand dyed yarn has a tendency to bled a lot, too. I usually add vinegar to the first wash to control the bleeding.

Have fun on your upcoming adventure.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

I bet that fabric is so lovely and soft after being sent to the isolation unit! Some one told me years ago to soften and bleach calico by washing it and hanging it out on a frosty night. It works! Not very nice calico bought from Spotlight turned into a fabric it was a pleasure to stitch.
Enjoy your time at Waihi.

Jenny said...

Thank you ladies - I didn't know the tip about adding vinegar to stop fabric bleeding. We have arrived safely at our first stop Marton, nice and sunny but it feels like the temps will drop right down tonight. We will be traveling up to Waihi in nice easy stages, so who knows what adventures we may have along the way.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Have a wonderful time away. Good work with your ufo sorting x

Janice said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this group of projects progress. Enjoy your trip.

loulee said...

Well we certainly had plenty of rain recently, hopefully it did the trick and washed out the dye. What a great idea.
Enjoy your trip.