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Monday, April 10, 2017

Fabric Bazaar

I joined the throngs of ladies, and a few men,  pouring in to the Memorial Hall on Saturday, all looking for a bargain at the Fabric Bazaar.  The Altrusa Club had been busy collecting fabric, orphan quilt blocks, wool, buttons, lace, and other notions, patterns, and craft magazines for quite a while.  Anything which was donated was gratefully collected from our homes, which made things very easy indeed.  I had gone through my fabric bins and pattern collection and easily filled three bags of bits and pieces to donate.

Come one, come all, to the Fabric Bazaar

The ladies of the Altrusa Club must have spent a huge amount of time getting everything priced and packaged for sale.  And it was all done very nicely indeed.  Lengths of fabric were rolled,  wool was put into big bags, patchwork fabric was packaged attractively, three or four toning pieces displayed nicely in clear plastic bags.  Button lovers were in their element as they looked at bags full of all the different colours.  And then there was a free for all area – fill a bag with fabric pieces for a dollar! There were patterns to rummage through, and thousands of those craft magazines which everyone swears breed in the dark.  And everything was very reasonably priced.

That’s Sandra in the blue hat, Altrusa member and also a member of our caravan club

I had a great time poking about all the various goodies, but spent most time at the patchwork fabric tables.  At one stage there was a young mum and daughter at the same table, and the little girl picked up fabric which was labelled as a cushion cover.  “Can I have that Mum?”, she asked.  The answer was, “go and ask Nana if she will make it up for you”.  Of course, Nana said yes, so that was a very happy child indeed, all for the cost of $1 or so.

There were plenty of familiar faces, either helping customers or getting on with the serious business of shopping, and even some ladies from my former Upper Hutt quilt club who had driven up for the day.  Of course I came home with a few bargains too, so I was very pleased with my purchases.  And the proceeds are going to support the Arohanui Hospice, a very good cause indeed.


Bargain shopping for a good cause


Tired Teacher said...

What a great idea! I love the items you found to bring home.

Michelle Ridgway said...

A wonderful idea. A very happy stitcher by the looks of the smile x

loulee said...

Ooh! What a score.

Nancy J said...

give some away, and collect a few more pieces. What a good turnout.

Jenny said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments. You can be sure that I donated much more to the sale than I purchased. I was looking for a few particular colours, and that little piece of heavy weight brown - will be turned into a Christmas Reindeer one day soon! It was just what I wanted.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

You know how I love a good bargain and even the hunt for one. Only wish I could have joined you. Good fun.

Raewyn said...

What a great event!! A good excuse to clear out the sewing room, then re-fill it again - and all for a good cause!