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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunny Days at Feilding

We are currently enjoying a caravan rally at Feilding, at Manchester Street School.  With the family living fairly close by, we have had visits from daughter Nicky on her way home from work, and both grand-daughters came calling too.  Megan came on Saturday morning with the family dog Noodle in tow, to take him on a “doggy playdate”.

Megan and Noodle

We had called in to see Emma at McDonalds on Saturday morning where she having a break at just the right time so could sit down for a wee chat.  Robin enjoyed a chocolate milkshake and I had a large latte, specially made and delivered to the table by Emma.  She is a little camera shy (unless she is riding a horse) so we asked her to take a photo of us instead.

Grandparents at McDonalds

Emma also called around to see us on Sunday morning, before heading out to have brunch with friends.  It was lovely to see them both over their busy weekends.  Emma reminded us that she attended this school as a youngster before the family moved further north to Kiwitea.  The school has lovely gardens, big shady trees and a huge play ground full of equipment to climb and swing from.  I was really interested in the colourful sign but couldn’t find the giant’s castle or the chocolate factory anywhere!


At Manchester Street School

And we found two aviaries of colourful happy birds, chirping and squawking as they fluttered around.

Pretty budgies at school

I’ve done a little stitching this weekend, working away on my next Christmas ABC block.  This is my “slow stitching” project so I don’t really mind how long it takes, I’m enjoying the process.

Just a little stitching so far


Maria said...

How nice to be camping close to your family sew the girls can came and visit you.
Also lovely to join Emma on her coffee break..
Love those big coloured pencils..
Your Christmas alphabet is coming along nicely Jenny..

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I absolutely love your new bag. It would be my library bag; I love using handmade bags for my books.
It is so easy to make a mistake and usually you just can't believe you made it. My mom used to say she made everything twice because she had to undo so often. Her final products were great so I know it works out.
Great hand sewing you've got with you. Hope Robin is keeping busy too.

Raewyn said...

Lovely to holiday near family and explore the sights there with them too. If you are up to U with the slow stitching alphabet, you are doing very well!