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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Love that Razzle Dazzle Quilting

Our caravan trip to Taupo was planned to collect my quilt from Linda at Razzle Dazzle Quilting.  Of course, it could have been couriered home to me but……..what if it went missing, got stolen, or damaged – the possibilities  just didn’t bear thinking about.  Call me a worrier by all means, but I much preferred to collect it in person.  And as Robin always says, it’s an excuse for another trip away!  But first things first – it was time for a trip to the local laundromat.

Knitting at the laundromat

And what a busy place it was.  Locals came and went, plus people passing through the town like us.  A group of French people came it with bags and bags of washing and started loading it into the driers.  So I approached them and pointed out that the washing machines were over on the other wall – and they thanked me for helping them.  They had so much laundry that they loaded up machine after machine.

Later in the day we went to see Linda and her sister Peggy.  There is a lookout on the top of their hill, with a great view of Lake Taupo, and always full of tourists clicking away on their cameras.

Lake Taupo from the lookout

And here it is – my lovely quilt, expertly quilted by Linda.    There is beautiful free hand quilting around each floral heart and the ric-rac border,  I’m so thrilled with the work she did!  And I can’t wait to get it home and put the binding on, (something which I prepared earlier, as the TV people say) so I’ll be ready to start.   Thanks so much, Linda.

Linda with my quilt


Raewyn said...

Your quilt is beautiful Jenny - you'll be wanting Robin to 'drive faster drive faster' so you can get home and get that binding on. WEll worth a special trip to Taupo!

Katie said...

Soooo lovely!!! :-)

loulee said...

Lovely quilt.
And the best excuse ever for a trip away.

Kate said...

That's a gorgeous quilt, Jenny!

Nancy J said...

I would have thought that at Taupo and so many other places where lots of overseas visitors go, the labels at laundromats, like at toilets, would be very clear. Thank goodness you came to help out, I can imagine clothes in a drier spinning round and round, with detergent!!! Love your quilt, truly beautiful, and that special Razzle Dazzle quilting,

Janice said...

Wow! It is a beautiful quilt, and the quilting just adds the icing to the cake. Well worth getting Linda to quilt it. It frames the hearts so nicely.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

You sneaky lady you! I didn't know you took that photo.
Glad you like your quilt, it was lovely to see you again.

NickiJ said...

What a wonderful idea to go on a road trip to pick up a treasured work all beautifully quilted!