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Monday, February 20, 2017

Candlewick UFO

The dice was well and truly shaken and rattled about this morning before I rolled it on the carpet.  And it brought up number four today.  A quick look at my list tells me that number 4 is my candlewick quilt which goes back a long long time.  This is a really old UFO and I took these blocks away in 1999 when we did a three month trip around UK.  I remember stitching away after a busy day of sightseeing, while we relaxed in the evening at the various B&Bs we stayed at.

Number four today

I did wonder when I last worked on assembling this quilt.  Seems it was way back in October last year when I was cutting, measuring and stitching strips around the blocks.  
Last time at the sewing machine

The first thing to do today was to lay it out on top of the bed and see where I have got up to.  I don’t suppose that the quilting fairies have been working away on my quilt while I haven’t been looking?  No, they hadn’t.  But I had done more than I’d remembered, with most of the top being assembled.

The top is coming along well

I’ve got an idea for the borders so I’ll be working away on that today.  Looks like there will be more of the cutting, measuring, stitching and pressing going on today.

Pretty heart block


Maria said...

Lovely Candlewick blocks and it looks like you haven't got a lot left to do..
Hmm! more PINK ?

loulee said...

It's very pretty. I remember candlewick bedspreads on my bed as a child. They had a lovely warm drapy texture.

Janice said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your next design element. It will be beautiful when it is done.

Tired Teacher said...

You're nearly finished with this UFO: it's very pretty.

I used to do a lot of candle wicking, but most of my stitching became pillows.

Anonymous said...

That looks wonderful! What fun to do something a little different.

Jenny said...

Your quilt top looks gorgeous, love the floral fabric you have used.

Glenda said...

Hi Jenny great to see Im not the only one with a candlewick UFO Yours is lovely and I hope you get close to finishing it this time it would be lovely to see finished on a bed Cheers Glenda

SuperMomNoCape said...

Oh my... what a treasure you have dug out of your UFO pile. I haven't done an Candlewick embroidery in years. Your heart block is gorgeous!

Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party. Aloha hugs!